Wed. May 29th, 2024

Red Region Inferno

If you're gonna take a walk through hell you may as well be sipping on a peach margarita

A new Red Region Inferno

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I have completely destroyed Red Region Inferno for the 3rd time since it’s first creation in 2006. I think this will be my final and permanent version so I am doubting I will be taking it down again.

Unlike the other versions this one will not have a singular focus. I’m doubting it will be as popular as the previous versions were in their prime, but I don’t care much about that.

What you can expect here in my latest version of the inferno is a little bit of everything. Whatever crosses my mind, or catches my fancy along with things that piss me off, and maybe little bits on some of my pet projects.

I will obviously be sharing my art and poetry intermixed with the rest as I always have.

I hope you you find some of what i post of interest. Maybe you will love it, maybe you’ll hate it, and maybe if I’m lucky it’ll get you thinking.

I will still be posting my usual stuff on AARRON.COM as well.

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