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Sept – 5 – 2011 – Update:

Two and a half years, and almost 600 posts later, I have deleted my blog.
I was sick of it.
Trying to fix it up wasn’t working for me, and about half the posts needed to be deleted anyway (in my mind) so I scrapped it.
Much better to start fresh.
I will be re-posting some old stuff real fast, but other than that… It is going to be a new take.

A bit about me:

The name is Aarron. Yes, that is actually how it is spelled.
My name spelling has caused me tons of troubles over the years. My parent’s attempt at making such a dull name interesting was obviously lacking.

I have done a lot of things in my life. I was a busy boy.
Mainly though… I am an artist.
The medium of preference changes constantly, but however you slice it I earn my bread and butter through art.

Red Region Inferno is my babble box blog.
It isn’t about anything in particular.
At times it has seemed an art blog, at other times it has been primarily a body art blog. For chunks of time it has seemed a soap box for my liberal propaganda. (as some conservatives have said)
Red Region Inferno has been somewhat of a sex blog. It has also been sex topic free for months at a time.
I have no agenda with this site. It has no theme.
You may love it today, and hate it tomorrow.
So may I.

Need to contact me and have been freaking because I took away my contact for so you are hunting for an email and are now happy because you found it?

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  1. Hi Aarron, I particularly like where you are going with the get messy pictures. But the mind and desires can go even further but how to represent that in a picture?
    Very impressed though wish I could be as open and expressive.

    • Thank Richard. If only I could maintain the expression of such desires without being so explicit. Lol
      It seems many enjoy such art, but it is only useable as bedroom art because of how explicit it is.
      I’d enjoy seeing it displayed primetime in a living room or foyer. :)

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