A little visual foreplay please

My wife calls me a button kisser.
The reason is that I can take half an hour just removing a girls clothes as part of foreplay.
She on the other hand is the type to just strip down and get to it.
We are opposites.
It is funny because so often the stereotypical way people act is that men just want to screw and go to sleep.
Women want lots of foreplay and then cuddles afterwards. I am the stereotypical woman’s fantasy I guess then. I want to partake in mental, verbal, visual foreplay all day and then I like the snuggles after the wild sex.
My wife can skip it all, just fuck, and then pass out into oblivion. No talking afterwards necessary.

Though my wife will play along with me sometimes if I ask nicely I usually must get my foreplay, teasing, and slow moving erotic sex from others.
The others know it, and love it. Often they have husbands who are of the stereotypical male mindset I mentioned above.
I think our backwards from the normal way of being is one of the things that has made us so successful in the swinging lifestyle. We fill the sexual void. The voids being filled also brought us to the world of polyamory. Yes, we identify as both.
I also have had many FWB relationships over the years that involved people who don’t identify as swingers or poly.
Whatever the mindset they come from, we end up getting to know each-other well and all of us can use the term of friend.

My friends with benefits… they all know I am visual.
If not at first they learn soon. I will straight up tell them.
I want/need some visual foreplay to really get into it.
More is better. Dress up in a sexy costume, themed hair, makeup, and role play with me and I will be a happy guy.
Not every time has to be a staged event though.

Just a little will do it.

Strip down naughty and sexy for me please

Setting a mood and creating a huge desire can be so easy, and because I will appreciate it so much it will be fun for both of us.

Strip is sexy for some visual foreplay

Now I will want you twice as much.
Now you will experience twice the heat.
Now you will be rewarded.