Tingle Me – A tiny panty vibe goes for a walk

A small start-up company called Silky Vibration recently sent us some samples of the Tingle Me panty vibe.
Before I even explain what it is I would like to mention that I was actually very impressed by their packaging.
It is classy, and looks nice in general.
To often a toy comes with crap packaging or something tacky. I like packaging that has class because I like to give toys for little gifts and if it comes in a bad package it isn’t any good for gifting.
I think this type of packaging is right on the money.

Tingle me

So what is it?
It is a tiny heart/butterfly shaped silicone wrapped vibe meant to be placed within a woman’s panties.
It is ¬†powerful for its size and doesn’t make much noise at all.
I think it could easily be worn in public under clothing without anyone hearing it unless it was dead silent in the room.
There is sticky stuff on the back to make this thing stick to the panties and stay in place.
It isn’t super sticky, but that is probably good so adjustments can easily be made and no sticky stuff stays on your panties.

This is what the Tingle Me looks like.

Tingle Tingle in your panties

That pic above shows it pretty close to the actual size.

Check these simple instructions:

My only complaints about this product is that it doesn’t last as long as I would have wished and it is disposable.
My disposable complaint is simply an environmental one. If your not a recycling weirdo like me however then this should not be a concern for you as the product is low cost.
My complaint about how long it lasts was because of how I used mine… otherwise I would say not to worry about that either because it lasts plenty long to get the job done in normal situations if you know what I mean.

I would like to mention here also that the vibrations are powerful in a buzzy sort of way rather than a rumbling sort of way.
So… depending on your preferred vibration style this would be really awesome or almost annoying.

Luckily for me my two testers both liked the buzzy style of vibrations and so did my wife who had one to test out on her own.

My overall rating of this product is good.
I’d definitely recommend it as a gift item, something for a fun evening out, a bit of something to spice things up, and as an introductory sex toy.
Also I think because of the cost, simplicity, and packaging it would make for a great party favor item to be given away at bridal showers, dirty 30’s parties, etc…
For more information on the Silky Vibration Tingle me go Here.

Tingle Me

My Testing & the testers opinions:
First of all I would like to say that my wife and another female friend who blog and do reviews both got one of these little heart shaped panty vibes of their own and I did inquire as to their findings.
In both cases the product was liked overall and both considered it a great gift idea too.
Being me I couldn’t let it rest at that and had to do my own “research.”
My research was conducted at work.
I basically waited until a regular client came in who had a flirtatious nature (or flirts with me at least) and then introduced the product to them.
They played around with it, made jokes and then started talking of other things. I figured I would need another test subject.
I eventually needed more coffee and said so. She said she would like some too and told me she would tag along to the coffee shop.
I of course said that was cool and in my usual pervy manner suggested she put the panty vibe in her panties before we went.
Took her a couple seconds to decide, but she went for it.
I did need to help her get it adjusted to be in “just the right spot” which was kinda fun/sexy/flirty/naughty as this girl and I have NOTHING going on except some light flirtation.
We walked to the coffee shop.
I asked a few times about it and she said it was good.
She wasn’t acting like anything though.
When we got there we ordered and I tried to hear the buzzing under her jeans, but was not able to do so with the light music and a few conversations going on around us.
We left with our coffees and headed back to my shop.
I asked if it had made her cum yet and she told me it had her right on the edge, but it wasn’t going to happen unless she gave herself a little stimulation.
I said to do it and she said no.
I asked how close she was again and she said it was the edge of it and as soon as she got home she was going to finish.
I asked how long it would take and she said half a second.
We were now at the alley next to the door to my work. I stepped into the alley and said “come her for a second.”
She asked why, but followed.
I said “come here,” and put her against the brick wall of my shop. She looked confused, but her eyes went big when I reached down and applied some circling rhythmic pressure between her legs with my hand.
It took a good ten seconds rather than one, but she leaned into me with her head buried into my neck and grabbed my shoulder as she exhaled with an orgasm.
It was super hot.
I said “come on” and she followed me into the shop. I could tell she was a bit awkward feeling , but extremely turned on.
She went to the bathroom and came back to my work room about 20 minutes later and gave me the little vibe.
We made a couple jokes, she proclaimed that I was the biggest pervert she had ever met, and she couldn’t believe she had just done that. I teased her some (in a good way) but that was all that was said about our walk and the alley.
She left within 15 minutes after finishing her coffee. I’m slightly worried I won’t see her for a while now. Think she was a bit shaken up over the experience.

I washed the thing off and used an HB wipe on it (surface disinfection) before setting it on one of my shelves that I keep weird odds and ends on.

The next day a girl came in to buy a nipple ring for her husband.
This girl I know by name through swinging, but not personally and not through my work.
As I looked for the exact gauge and diameter of ring she had requested she looked around.
She eventually asked about a Bzzz Buddies vibrator I also had out for some reason.
It had no batteries in it.
I told her the little pink thing was a vibe. She picked it up and started messing around with it.
She turned it on and held it to her pants laughing.
She said it wasn’t very powerful.
I told her it was for inside the pants.
She asked if it had ever been used and I told her about the coffee shop adventure the day before, but was vague about certain details and the who of it all because I don’t live in a large city.
She asked if she could try it and I said that not only could she try it, but she could keep it.
Right then and there she put the thing down her pants and fiddled around to get it adjusted.
I think the whole thing was a show to try and peek my interest in maybe asking if her and her husband would like to go out with my wife and I sometimes.
I’m not sure, but maybe she will read this and then tell me if that was so. (hint?)
She paid for her jewelry and left.
About five minutes later I’d guess she came back in and informed me that the thing had completely given out on her before she even left the parking lot.
She asked if I had another and I told her I did not. She said she really liked it and would like one for herself. I said to check my blog and I would be posting the info about the company here.
Anyways… I had fun with this very simple little vibe and wish I had been sent a few more.


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