Thoughtful girls give Tenga

I was taking pictures of my wife with her latest batch of sex toys from Babeland for her review site and she said “got one for you.”
She then held up a Tenga Egg.
She has reviewed Tenga eggs before, and so have I.
It seems when she saw a Tenga egg on the review list she asked for it just because she was being thoughtful.
I’m not big on masturbating. I actually do it very seldom, and most sleeves just seem to annoy me or seem a hassle.
If I am going to do it I pretty much just stick to the hand.
These Tenga Eggs however are not a hassle, and don’t annoy me. They are so simple and easy to use I actually have learned to dig them.

So, here is the picture of my wife holding my prezzy.
Thoughtful Girls Give Tenga Eggs
Shown here is the TENGA Egg Silky.
TENGA Eggs come in 6 different sleeve styles: Wavy, Spider, Silky, Clicker, Stepper and Twister.
Each one offers you a different sensation.

Just in case you have never heard of a TENGA Egg…
TENGA is designed and made in Japan by Tenga Co.
Tenga Eggs are disposable male sex toys that come ready to use.
Just peel off the wrapper, open the egg, and pull out the disposable silicone sleeve.
They are made of silicone and are made to be used once and then thrown away. Each Tenga egg comes with a small package of lube inside the egg.
The silicone sleeve will work for most any sized cock. I have seen my wife stretch one over a 9 inch long and semi thick vibrator.
She however turned it inside out when putting it on her vibrator so that the ribbing gave her vibe a new fun texture.

The lube is contains purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, and paraben.

Though designed as a throw away type disposable product I know that many men wash them and use them repeatedly before tossing them out.
I have not heard of any problems from doing so, and if the plan was to masturbate multiple times in a one day period I would certainly recommend washing the sleeve between uses and seeing how many times you can go.

So what is up with the “Mean girls suck, nice girls swallow, and thoughtful girls give Tenga Eggs” statement?
1st of all, I thought it thoughtful of my wife to get one as a review product for me.
2nd, it is true stuff.
My wife can be sexually thoughtful.
This last Easter she decorated (and had me decorate a few) Tenga Eggs and gave/sent them to certain male swinger friends. It was a big hit. She is planning on doing the same (though different decorations) and including a single egg in some special Christmas Gift Socks she is going to give out to special couple friends this holiday season.
Don’t worry people, only a couple of our sexy friends read this blog and I know who they are.
I have not ruined the Christmas Stocking surprise.
Anyways… point is that Tenga Eggs make awesome gifts, and my wife gives them. That makes her Thoughtful.
She is also mean though, and if she likes someone extra special is know to be nice. (yes, that was an uncalled for joke about sucking cock and cum swallowing)

So… Tenga Eggs. They kick ass. (That is my official review portion of this post)

If you have never used a Tenga Egg, I offer this advice.
1. Lube up well before putting the sleeve over your cock.
2. Make sure to leave some room at the tip.
3. Don’t over stretch or it will rip. These things stretch well, but rip easy too.
Here is your link to Tenga Eggs at Babeland.


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