The Switch Mistress

The Switch Mistress
Kinda a tattooish pinup styled switch.

Made some case cover versions, t shirts, etc… that people can get on Society6

The Switch Mistress Case

My reason for this?
I have no clue. Maybe I was just feeling blue.
I’ve known such gals. Bad-ass, bossy, dominant chicks that can force or coerce a week willed plaything into doing any dang thing they wish, but at the drop of a hat can switch to a submissive role and revel in being dominated.
Fun memories are made with such gals.

I’d actually very much enjoy being taken control of right now.
Haven’t been in sexy fun mode much of late. (as is probably obvious by my lack of blog postings)
Maybe all I need is a libido jump start.
Maybe if it was forced on me.
Maybe if someone extra special naughty got my motor revved up it would keep running all on it’s own.
Since I am outa the game and just hanging out wondering what happened to my mojo though it is very doubtful I will find such a gal.
Boredom and lack of libido breeds more boredom and lack of libido.
Horny level for 2012/2013 so far is teetering between level 0 and level 1 at best.
Until 2012 it pretty much always ran around a 9 or 10 and if it dropped to a 7 (with 5 being the average joe) I’d usually start to worry.

Are you out there kinky wild girl with mojo/libido jumper cables?
Ya, didn’t think so.

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