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Blow My Whistle

The actual title for this sexy artwork is “Intensity.” It is watercolors on paper. The wording I added for this post is from a a song called “little dove” by Faster Pussycat. Faster Pussycat was a successful hair/glam/hard rock band back in the 80’s and early 90’s. They still exist, but don’t have the fame […]

A special sort of kiss

This is a bit more on the realistic side than I had planned when I started it. Sometimes I geek out on form, sometimes colors, sometimes perspective, and sometimes it is the composition. Every once and a great while I get a tad wrapped up in picking away at something though, and this was one […]

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Watercolor painting and erotic art

I have been a painter for my entire life. My work has mostly been in oils through the 80’s and 90’s until I switched to acrylics in the late 90’s. A brush and canvas are my tools. Watercolors have never gotten along with me though. They just don’t do what I want. Classes, friends who […]