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Fluffer Mostly known for keeping the male talent in working order between scenes in sexy film work by use of the mouth on a cock. The job is usually much more than that though. I used to like having “helpers” that served such functions at need, along with moving lights, props, getting beverages, cleaning up […]

Get messy

messy, sweaty, wild, nasty, raw…. Give me a show! I love it when I get a special sex show – and my wife knows it.   I also posted this today…(Sizzling and sexy) I thought the Wanton Wednesday crowd would maybe enjoy it, so almost went for that as my WW post. The above painting […]

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Caffeine And Vibes Erotic Sketching

Ever drink so much coffee you shake and feel like your skin is buzzing? Ever have sex in that condition? It is not as rewarding as one would like… (at least for me) I drink lots of coffee, but rarely hit that point of caffeine buzzing. When I do… if sex happens… I can’t cum. […]

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Three is a show

What, oh what, oh what do you see? Is it? Could it be? Yes it is three. I just know you all love my weird way of screwing with pictures before I post them. ;)- Are you able to even figure out what is going on in the pic? Three for me is… one to […]

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F’n sketches

Ever have one of those nights when friends are over, and everyone is sexing it up till the break of dawn, but you just need a break, and your kicking there watching it all, and you get a groovy idea to grab some pencils and your sketch book? For those who aren’t down with sketch books and […]

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cherry cordials and my cock

I don’t dig those chocolate covered cherries that come in the big boxes. Sweet overload. I do enjoy food play though and everyone has different tastes in sweets. This is the sweet sticky stuff from inside the chocolate. She made me eat the cherry. She made me really sticky. She made me cum. I may […]

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Some H

This was a custom bit of work done for a client with some slightly odd ideas. The idea is based off of fantasy, a certain set of tastes and on a drug that doesn’t exist called Spelled H from a book in the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony. The drug in the book […]

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It’s happening

Since I have been showing some of my mini sized erotic paintings I thought maybe it would be a good idea to show one with a jump up in size. This is still not a big painting, and is still smaller than the normal canvas size I paint on by a long way. Just a […]

Posted February 28, 2012 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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Getting Naughty With Gifs

The Wanton Wednesday theme for this week was to create an animated gif  with photos of yourself. This was what I came up with. I have never made animated gif before and though I probably have some software on one of my computers that does it, I just looked online for an animated gif maker (which I […]

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Be My Naughty Valentine

Valentine’s day… I woke up yesterday morning with a rock hard cock and was not thinking of the romantic. I know I’m supposed to be full of love and whatnot on Valentine’s day, but I woke up desiring newness. Newness is sexy in itself. I wasn’t  in the mood for romantic loving. Naughty is what […]