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My Kinda Fireworks

A fun painting by yours truly… I titled it Spectacular. It really has nothing to do with the fourth, but the fireworks make it kinda relevant for an almost fourth of July blog post. For those of you who partake in the lifestyle (aka swinging) you know how hard it is to find that 100% […]

Posted July 2, 2013 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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In the world of dreams

Dreams are odd things. People have debated the reasons we dream since the beginning of man. They have also debated what dreams even are. Nobody really knows. Those that say they do are really just holding onto a theory so tight they view it as fact. I go through stages of remembering my dreams vividly […]

Surrealism, art labels, and erotic art

people love to label things and over the years my art (and myself) have been stuck with hundreds of labels. Usually it has been Expressionism when it comes to my paintings. I don’t really mind being thought of as an expressionist artist. Most of my favorite painters are from the expressionist movement so I suppose […]

Posted November 16, 2012 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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Just another painting I decided to share. It is part of an ongoing series I have been working on. I showed the first one in this post ( Off with the panties ) That first one was done while struggling with small canvases. I never did get used to canvases as small as that one, […]

Posted September 10, 2012 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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Dreams or memories

It is called Memory of a dream. I didn’t title it. The inspiration of the female figure gave me that title. I figured she inspired, I made, she should title. It is in part a self portrait. A jump back to a moment now gone that feels surreal. It is acrylic paint on canvas done […]

Posted August 2, 2012 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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It’s happening

Since I have been showing some of my mini sized erotic paintings I thought maybe it would be a good idea to show one with a jump up in size. This is still not a big painting, and is still smaller than the normal canvas size I paint on by a long way. Just a […]

Posted February 28, 2012 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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Brain Fried On Sexy Stuff

I have been pumping out an average of three erotic themed paintings a week since the beginning of the year. My mind is going soft from it. Sexy stuff brain fry. I tried putting a few unfinished large canvases up on the easel to get away from it, but they are unfinished and piled against […]

Posted February 19, 2012 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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Nude study 4 in small erotic art series

Along with my new found quest to conquer the world of erotic art and mess around on tiny canvases comes some general studies. Figurative ones mostly because I will be mostly doing figurative work for this project. Composition and paint handling are my main priorities with these studies. My usual painting methods don’t apply well […]

Posted January 26, 2012 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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Starry Kiss

Another tiny painting of an erotic nature. Just ten inches across and eight inches in height, done on cotton canvas. I have been managing to find time for at least one of these little erotic paintings each week, but have also had to step up the size and do some a bit bigger. These tiny […]

Posted January 24, 2012 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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New Year Art Endeavours

Since my biggest goal this year is to push the erotic with my art I thought I should have my first post of 2012 be some art of an erotic nature. I have also been screwing around with tiny canvases. I am doing it out of stubbornness to tell the truth. I am really not suited to […]