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Luck of the Irish

Time to see green instead of red. I ain’t Irish even though I get guessed as being so sometimes because of my freckles. It is just a day of green beer for me and most years an excuse to stay out late. Don’t think I am going to be partying it up much this year, […]

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Valentine Lust

Note: This is a Re-post from February 13, 2011 because so many people linked to it and enjoyed the post I saved it when I deleted my blog last year. Valentine Lust Valentine Lust A strange holiday indeed. For me it is a reason for romance, love, lust, and the color red. I like a holiday that is […]

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Santa’s Helper & Merry Happy Ho Ho Ho

Ah… Christmas. Gives me one more excuse to show some cute costume pictures. Already posted these Elf teaser pictures and a Peppermint Candy picture this season. Oh, how I love my costumes. If you paid close attention you will have noticed that the peppermint candy girl is wearing the same costume as my helper above. […]

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I’m An Evil Christmas Santa

Ever get a weird or awkward present on Christmas day? Ever open something in front of your family and gotten embarrassed? I’m the guy who gives such presents. The song is for the Grinch, and I am not a Grinch. (Though a couple years I have been accused of it) What I am is a […]

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Wanton Desire

Ever meet someone that just turns you on like crazy? Someone who makes you crave? I rarely get to see her because she lives so far away, but she does it for me. The touch of her skin, the taste of her neck, her fingers tracing their way across my body… I want her until […]

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Ho Ho Ho with a little naughty elf teaser

Love me an elf that digs it when I say “Ho Ho Ho.” This particular naughty elf has very nice legs me thinks. These pictures are just some fun ones I picked to post here on Red Region Inferno because I thought it would up everyone’s holiday spirits and get people in a Christmas is […]

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Peppermint Candy Revisited

This girl.. (She is the candy) She was the subject of one of my Christmas holiday posts from last year and the only one I re-posted after deleting my blog this last September. (The post is here) I mentioned in that re-post that I would maybe post more. So… here one is. The girl… She […]

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Glass Candy Canes ain’t so messy

I am a bit of fiend in certain ways. Costumes and sticky candies are very much part of my twisted little mind, and I will admit that my hand has guided a candy cane into the sweet spots of many a pretty girls sugar spot. They melt, they get sticky, it is fun. It is […]

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Candy Cane Reflections, Christmas Stockings, hard working reindeer, and Odin’s horse..

It has been said that the tradition of Christmas stockings started in Holland during the 16th century. Kids who had not been naughty would leave clogs filled with hay near the fireplace for Santa’s reindeer. The kind and Gracious Santa would leave behind treats for these thoughtful children. Eventually people began using stockings instead and […]

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