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A Very Naughty Nurse

These were intended for last weeks Halloween themed Sinful Sunday post, but I ended up posting this figure study and Sizzle instead because I had the images on the wrong laptop. So… better late than never. See what others posted for Sinful Sunday.

Hallows’ Eve

I figured I must post a costume picture here on Red Region Inferno for Halloween. Just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t. Tempted by that apple? I sure am. Halloween or Hallows’ Eve… I was informed that many people have never heard of “Hallows’ Eve,” and that my funny punny Eve humor wouldn’t be caught […]

Posted October 31, 2012 by Inferno in My Sexy Costume Fetish

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Need a maid

Today I woke up late and needed a blowjob, but nobody was in my bed with me. I wanted to shout out, but I could hear my daughter in the living room arguing with mommy. That idea wasn’t going to fly. I got up and poured some coffee. I had to use a cup I […]

Naughty Bo Peep Pics

Just thought it would be fun to share a few Naughty Bo Peep photos with you all. Of all the costume styles out there I love this particular style/cut above all else. Well… almost. It is just the perfect blend of sweetness, cuteness, naughtiness, and sexiness. Of course the person wearing the costume has to […]

Posted April 7, 2012 by Inferno in My Sexy Costume Fetish

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Be My Naughty Valentine

Valentine’s day… I woke up yesterday morning with a rock hard cock and was not thinking of the romantic. I know I’m supposed to be full of love and whatnot on Valentine’s day, but I woke up desiring newness. Newness is sexy in itself. I wasn’t  in the mood for romantic loving. Naughty is what […]

Santa’s Helper & Merry Happy Ho Ho Ho

Ah… Christmas. Gives me one more excuse to show some cute costume pictures. Already posted these Elf teaser pictures and a Peppermint Candy picture this season. Oh, how I love my costumes. If you paid close attention you will have noticed that the peppermint candy girl is wearing the same costume as my helper above. […]

Posted December 25, 2011 by Inferno in My Sexy Costume Fetish

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Ho Ho Ho with a little naughty elf teaser

Love me an elf that digs it when I say “Ho Ho Ho.” This particular naughty elf has very nice legs me thinks. These pictures are just some fun ones I picked to post here on Red Region Inferno because I thought it would up everyone’s holiday spirits and get people in a Christmas is […]

Posted December 8, 2011 by Inferno in My Sexy Costume Fetish

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Peppermint Candy Revisited

This girl.. (She is the candy) She was the subject of one of my Christmas holiday posts from last year and the only one I re-posted after deleting my blog this last September. (The post is here) I mentioned in that re-post that I would maybe post more. So… here one is. The girl… She […]

Posted December 5, 2011 by Inferno in My Sexy Costume Fetish

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King Kandy and the game of CandyLand

HNT 7  WW 6 For Halloween I was King Kandy and my wife was the CandyLand game. Many a game was played, but our most interesting night with these costumes came not at any naughty parties, but at a local place filled with vanilla people. A large gathering of a thousand plus, hundreds of costumes, […]

Posted November 2, 2011 by Inferno in Random Everything

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Halloween , French maids, and feeling naughty

Having a huge costume fetish and with Halloween being my #1 favorite holiday, I felt that it was obligatory to post a bit about costumes, show at least a few costume pictures, and babble about swingers and Halloween. My choice of subject matter (The French maid) is because my views have changed over the years on this very common sexy […]