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She is the goddess of the dawn. In mythology she renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. I always think of the early dawn as a time of reflection concerning the last nights happenings. From Virgil’s Aeneid: Aurora now had left her saffron bed, And beams of […]

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Why lesbian themed erotic art

Twice in one week I have had a strange topic of conversation arise because of a certain theme that flows through much of my erotic art. The first was a simple question put to me of why I do so much art with a girl on girl theme. This question came from a male who […]

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Surrealism, art labels, and erotic art

people love to label things and over the years my art (and myself) have been stuck with hundreds of labels. Usually it has been Expressionism when it comes to my paintings. I don’t really mind being thought of as an expressionist artist. Most of my favorite painters are from the expressionist movement so I suppose […]

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Bossy creatures. Most I have met anyway. So… I had these cool naughty nurse costume pictures all ready for today’s Sinful Sunday post as it is supposed to be Halloween themed, but they are on my other laptop which I won’t have access to for the next three days. You can all expect some fun […]

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Original art giveaway

Thought I would share this here thinking that some of the Inferno readers would be interested. Original art giveaways by yours truly… Check it out here. This is the current one up for grabs It will be shipped with matting to a size of 12″ x 16″ and the entry deadline is December 21st.

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My daughter and I draw together all the time. She tells me what to draw, how to do it, and what with. This one was done while watching a cartoon movie. She helped by picking out (every few seconds) a color for me to switch to and use. We used Crayola crayons and some oil […]

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This little painting was just a go with the flow type of thing. I was thinking a bit about nature, earth, sexuality, dryads, nymphs, etc… There is a bit of an earth mother feel to it. She is sexual, lust inducing, and slightly scary. She both springs from the earth and is a separate entity […]

Okanagan Erotic Art Show

If you live in British Columbia or the Northern parts of Washington state and like erotic art… this is something you need to check out. This is an annual juried show of erotic art. This year there will be tons of fascinating works by sixty three artists. Show Title = “Rumor has it…” My own […]

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Brain Fried On Sexy Stuff

I have been pumping out an average of three erotic themed paintings a week since the beginning of the year. My mind is going soft from it. Sexy stuff brain fry. I tried putting a few unfinished large canvases up on the easel to get away from it, but they are unfinished and piled against […]

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So this chick comes in and she is a big fan of the group TOOL and also (as many TOOL fans are) a fan of Alex Grey’s artwork. She want’s these eyes tattooed on her. I do it. While tattooing her she says she say on the artists site that he doesn’t allow tattoos of […]

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