Spiral Tenga Sleeve 3D

Tenga Sleeve 3D
That is what this weird looking thing is.

Spiral Tenga Sleeve 3D

The Tenga Sleeve 3D is a masturbation sleeve that does the trick.
It was sent to us from Babeland as a product to try out and review.
As many of you know… I’m not big on masturbation. I have a lot of problems with self pleasing and usually need some help. (I have been practicing though)
My darling  was kind enough to give me a nice little blowjob kickstart and apply the lube to my cock for my Tenga Sleeve 3D experiment.
I should probably mention here that it comes with some lube.

the lube that comes with the spiral tenga sleeve 3D

The Tenga Sleeve 3D very much reminded me of a Tenga Egg. That is a good thing because Tenga Eggs pretty much rock. I told my wife it was very much like one, but thicker and bit bit more squishy. Her reply was “good.” and she kept watching me which made me a bit self conscious so I asked her to tell me a naughty story. She does the naughty stories very well and they help to get me where I’m going when it comes to masturbation.

Anyways, the Tenga Sleeve 3D is very pliable and though it is only four and a half inches long when just sitting there it will stretch to fit most any cock.
The texture you see in the picture above is the texture you get. You pull this thing off it’s stand and turn it inside out for use.
It feels very realistic and gives more of a good blowjob feel than one of sticking it in a girls vagina.
The sleeve itself is made from a very soft thermal plastic elastomer so it is porous and because of that shouldn’t be shared.
Personally I would never wish to share such a toy myself, but figured I should mention that just because you never know what people will do.

Once you cum it is easy to wash this thing off. Soap and water in the sink will do the trick. Just flip it back around so the texture side is out and wash it up.
The product comes with a drying stand.
Just slide it onto the stand and once dry you can slip the clear plastic cover back over it to keep it clean and dust free until you wish to use it again.
I very much liked this stand / storage case it came with.
The only thing I would have added was the ability to screw the clear plastic top onto the case for travel.
Since I am personally not planning on traveling with it though it doesn’t bug me at all, but I can imagine a guy wanting to take this on the road and wishing the case screwed or snapped together.

My final judgement on the Tenga Sleeve 3D… Two thumbs up!
This sleeve does the trick, is reusable, easy to clean, and comes with a drying stand/storage case.
Another win for Tenga!

See my Thoughtful girls give Tenga post. I told you Tenga Eggs rock.

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