She Devil

Are you scared?

my evil she devil with vibrating devil horns

Should be… My wife can be a freaking bitch with a capitol B!
She knows it too.
She is a true She Devil.
Wants her way, gets it or else. I easily admit I am NOT the boss in my home.
The picture above is scary in a satanic / exorcist type way, but the real deal is that her facial expression above isn’t the one that causes me to shiver with fear.

This next picture now…

this is more what my devil looks like when actually pissed

That is the look that I must be wary of.
It basically has about a million meanings that all come down to one thing.
“Watch your next step Aarron.”
That is the look I get when I do or say something I shouldn’t have.
It is the look I get when I didn’t agree in the right way she wished.
There are a ton of variations of that particular look, but they are always trouble.

It isn’t the I want something form you Aarron look.
It is the “you just fucked up” look.

Her I want something and you wont give it so please change your mind look is more like this next one.

the look when she devil wants her way

Not scary at all, and I know I won’t get in trouble for not going along, but I should anyway.
I like this look.

The horns…
Babeland sent us these horns.
It is a little “horny” headband.
Wondering why a store that sells sexy fun stuff would send us a horny headband to check out just before Halloween?
Because one of these horns is a vibrator.
Hustler’s Horny Devil Vibrating Headband

vibrating devil horns for your she devil

I think most anybody could have fun with a product like this on Halloween (or for any costume party)
We already have our costumes for our naughty Halloween party so these horns aren’t heading to that one.
We are doing some vanilla (non swingers) parties this year though and these horns will make an appearance then.
My wife will be the devil (because she really is one sometimes) and I will most likely be the one ripping her horns off to “show” it to certain pretty vanilla girls while we are out and about.
Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of devilish innuendo to get the ball rolling for what would have a been a boring conversation to become a sizzling conversation leading up to sex.
Yep… I will play on the horny devil theme to turn that nights twosome into a threesome I’m sure.
Is it wrong I plan ahead like that?

Also as swingers we get many an opportunity to play sexy dress up that vanilla people don’t.
Lifestyle clubs have themed nights, costumed nights, and in general would be perfect for a girl to dress in a sexy red dress with little devil horns.
Being devilish at a swing club is an invite for sexual innuendos and flirtation.
Having a horn that vibrates just ups the fun.

OK, enough of my babble.

The horns:

  • Horn size: 3″ x 1″ each
  • Headband: adjustable (fits approximately 5″ to 7″ head width)
  • Material: Silicone horns,ABS headband
  • Batteries: two micro-button (included)

Get them at Babeland!

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