Quick change strap on play via the vac-u-lock system

Most of the harness systems floating around my home are of the ‘O’ ring type.
They work very well and it is easy to find many attachments for such harnesses. There are times however when such harness systems are a pain to use.
When is that?
It is when you want to swap out your dildo super fast.
The most common time for such a need is if you want to swap the dildos out from small to medium and then to large… or maybe even up to SUPER sized without taking a break.
If you have no idea why a person would wish to do something of that sort just forget about it because it wouldn’t apply to your needs.

Quick change strap on play.
If you want to swap your dildo out super fast the way to go is the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock system.
You can actually pull the dildo off and slam another one on in under a minute.
I kid you not.
Back in my naughty photo/video work days the Doc Johnson Vac-u-lock system was the ONLY strap on system I used for shoots. It was quick and simple. It saved time, and it worked well.

This is how it works…

vac u loc snap system for strap on sex

That weird plug thingy snaps onto the harness with regular snaps just like you have on a jacket.
The dildos are hollow so you just slide them over the plug. The shape of the plug makes it so the dildo goes on easy, but doesn’t fall off. Cool beans!

Your supposed to use some special powder stuff on the plug to make it easy on and off, but I always lose it and just use talc or cornstarch.

I should note here that when I say you can just pull the dildo off and slam on another one it actually takes a good pull, and a bit of twisting sometimes. You will need to brace your other hand on the harness yourself too.
I must admit it is kinda funny to yank someone around the room by pulling on their strapped on dildo though. (Or at least I find humor in such things)

Anyways… the system works pretty good and has been around a long time so all sorts of harnesses are available to fit most budgets and attachments are a’ plenty.

You can see a few examples below.

These images are all from Edenfantasys rather than myself.
If you click an image it will take you to the product page.

Vac-u-lock realistic dong – realistic dildo

Vac-u-lock realistic dildo - Note the hole at base

These are popular realistic dongs.
7 inches long, 1 ½ inch thick & veined.
Could give me a size complex though. (kidding)

Mr. Marcus – harness and dildo set

The Mr. Marcus – harness and dildo set

The whole set up here…
Another realistic dong and this time it really could give me a size complex.
This huge black cock is 8 1/4″ long and 2″ in diameter.
Notice the little white squeeze thingy? That is the Vac U Lock powder stuff I mentioned earlier.

Double penetrator – double penetration dildo for vac-u-lock

Double the fun with the Double penetrator dildo

This double penetration dildo is mighty nifty. Makes me wish I had a double cock myself. I’m thinking I’d be the life of the party, but who knows… Maybe I’d be to freaky for anyone to want to get their freak on with if I had such a combo tool.
Anyways… I have actually never seen this one in real life and have never seen one exactly like it in use. I just included it here because I ran into it on the Edenfantasys site and thought… “That could be kick ass to see in action.” For all I know it sucks. Don’t consider my inclusion of it here a recommendation or anything.
If you do get it or already have one, I’d love it if you sent me a note telling me how well it works or not.

Ultra harness 3000 – g-string harness vac u lock system

The Ultra harness 3000

Your basic leather G-string style Vac U lock harness. This one is low cost, does the trick, and has an opening under the area the dildo goes. Why is that cool? It is cool because when a girl has this on you can still get to her goodies from behind.
In other words… while she is fucking her girlfriend you can get in behind and make her feel like the center of the world. Or if that isn’t your cup-O-tea (and why wouldn’t it be?) you can help out with toys or whatever.
The product description says it works for a man to wear this one too. Seems your jewels can just hang right out that open spot. Ain’t tried that myself, but makes sense.
Doc Johnson makes a few different harnesses for the Vac U Lock system and ‘most‘ of them work pretty good.
My only complaint is that they don’t make any super fancy or pretty ones.
Not every girl needs a purple leather with rhinestones garter styled strap on harness, but some do.
All of the harnesses Doc Johnson makes for this system are visually blah.

OK, I’m done yakking about harnesses and dildos.
Go strap one on!

After reading this post my wife has instructed me to include a link to the The super vac-u-lock – realistic dildo because she says it is her favorite vac u lock dildo, is a pretty pink, works with O ring harness systems, and is made of body safe silicone. (Thank you darling) *sarcasm*

You can view all of EdenFantasys selection of Vac-U-Lock and Powerlock Dongs and Dildos here.
Or… you can
browse the patent dildo locking systems section of Edenfantasys and see some of the great sets they offer.

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