I am not a rough sex guy.
I am not a dirty sex guy.
I don’t dig pain, and don’t knock over lamps or break glasses while I throw my partner onto the bed.

I am more of a sensual guy.
A soft and slow exploration type of guy, or a lets make sure we enjoy these sexy sensations type of guy.

Wild animal passion doesn’t take hold of me often.
Very few women have ever had the specific combination of traits required to cause me to be animalistic.
Those that have though… Fuck!

primitive sex art

That special sort of gal must be so strong willed she is a fight.
She must be filled with base instincts and primal urges that have no control.
She must have no worries about the state of her clothing, makeup, hair, etc… at all!
She must, when the time comes have no other thoughts except those of the moment.

She becomes a primitive.

That is the creature who can make me become mad with the urge.
That is the creature who can make me break shit and not notice.
That is the creature who can make me sweat with action and not realize it.

She is a rare one.
I’ve met such very few times.
Most of us (myself included) have insecurities. We have levels of vanity that don’t allow us to fully let go.
We have shame, rules of conduct, worries.
We have lost touch with out animal side.


Wicked Wednesday

Dig the painting?
I used it for this post simply because the figure is primitive looking.
The look of the painting is not my usual. It was done in a sketched style with paints straight from the tube. The canvas had been painted over multiple times (sloppily) so I had a nice base already when I started. The actual image however took me at me about 45 minutes to paint I’d guess.
If you would like to know more about it you can read the whole story on my art blog.
I don’t recommend looking at to much there (besides that post) because i often use images there first, so it can spoil the surprise for you when I post them here.
Prints of this can be had HERE.

Have a Wicked Wednesday!

Posted March 13, 2013 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings

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