I am not a rough sex guy.
I am not a dirty sex guy.
I don’t dig pain, and don’t knock over lamps or break glasses while I throw my partner onto the bed.

I am more of a sensual guy.
A soft and slow exploration type of guy, or a lets make sure we enjoy these sexy sensations type of guy.

Wild animal passion doesn’t take hold of me often.
Very few women have ever had the specific combination of traits required to cause me to be animalistic.
Those that have though… Fuck!

primitive sex art

That special sort of gal must be so strong willed she is a fight.
She must be filled with base instincts and primal urges that have no control.
She must have no worries about the state of her clothing, makeup, hair, etc… at all!
She must, when the time comes have no other thoughts except those of the moment.

She becomes a primitive.

That is the creature who can make me become mad with the urge.
That is the creature who can make me break shit and not notice.
That is the creature who can make me sweat with action and not realize it.

She is a rare one.
I’ve met such very few times.
Most of us (myself included) have insecurities. We have levels of vanity that don’t allow us to fully let go.
We have shame, rules of conduct, worries.
We have lost touch with out animal side.


Wicked Wednesday

Dig the painting?
I used it for this post simply because the figure is primitive looking.
The look of the painting is not my usual. It was done in a sketched style with paints straight from the tube. The canvas had been painted over multiple times (sloppily) so I had a nice base already when I started. The actual image however took me at me about 45 minutes to paint I’d guess.
If you would like to know more about it you can read the whole story on my art blog.
I don’t recommend looking at to much there (besides that post) because i often use images there first, so it can spoil the surprise for you when I post them here.
Prints of this can be had HERE.

Have a Wicked Wednesday!

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Old swingers clubs & changing times

Been a while since I Posted.
Mostly it is because I have been super busy, but also it is because I just haven’t had much to jabber jaw about.

This last weekend though…
Hmm, yup.
A couple who are friends with my wife and I, and also in the lifestyle (swingers) talked us into going to a club.
We used to be members of the club, but have not been in a couple years because the management changed hands (for the worse) and also we have not really been playing (swinging) much. At all really. We just kinda dropped out because of life’s weird paths.
The club (New Horizons) is one of the nicest clubs in the USA.
It is however a place that now has low attendance and charges big bucks to make up for it.
Dues are insane considering that usually there are only like 20 or so couples unless it is a special party.
Party prices are insane too considering the low attendance.
This last weekend though was supposed to be different.
Someone from outside the club was throwing the party.
We were told high attendance, fun atmosphere, glow party, and booze included.
Back dues would be caught up for a small fee of just $20 in an attempt to get old members back to the club.
I decided to look the party up on Lifestyle Lounge because they have all the sweet party info.
It looked good and many people had done the LL RSVP thing.

So… we went.
Trouble from the start.
At the door it seemed it was $20 per person to catch up back dues and then $100 for the next 6 months of dues plus party fee of $85 or $95 (can’t recall) so EXPENSIVE.
Booze was supplied, there were about 200 people in attendance, and music wasn’t horrible. (it usually is)
The people throwing the party had installed a cage for people to dance in.
I think they had great ideas as to how the party should go so it would be fun, but they had road blocks.
The normal management.
The music was “to loud” they said.
The lights “bothered people” they said.
Yup… I heard more too.
I give props to Norbert. He did a lot for swinging and has had the club since the 70’s. He and his wife could definitely be said to have helped shape the swinging lifestyle in not just the US, but the whole world.
That said… There comes a time to hang up your hat.
Times change, people change, venues must change with those times.
The club is out of date as to how it runs.
It is boring.
Swinging should not be boring. It is supposed to be about fun.
The attendance has dropped so far that they keep raising prices to try and stay afloat.
Meanwhile other clubs thrive.

Our evening was pleasant (after the door situation) with ok food, nice bartenders, and some conversation with our friends and a couple I had sat down to dinner with.
The dancing was not to fabulous , but then again… “can’t have the music to loud.”
The glow sticks glowed, but the glow paint (provided) didn’t much because they couldn’t tweak the lighting to much I guess. Oh well.

Overall, the vibe was not conducive to hooking up.
We ourselves (wife and I) hadn’t planned on hooking with anyone anyways, but would have been cool to at least get a bit of a desire too.
We didn’t.
We found out that nobody hardly did.
When we decided it was time to have sex with each other we went upstairs to the play areas.
We played with each other in an upper bunk area that allowed a view of many other play spots.
The big thing we noticed was that everyone else was doing the same thing.
Almost every couple had decided to just stick with themselves rather than play with others.
That is cool and all, but if everyone is doing it then I think that says something about the vibe of the place.
People don’t join swingers clubs just to fuck each other usually. Sure, some do. They like the eye candy and atmosphere, but not the majority.

We used to (years ago) highly recommend the club.
It was often busy and the people always seemed nice.

Bitchy door people who act put out, retirement home atmosphere, and higher prices each and every year make it not a place I recommend, but a place I feel sad for.
Such a waste.
One of the coolest set ups in the country for the lifestyle, and it is almost dead just because of bad management. So sad.

I hope they get the picture and update before it is gone for good.

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A special sort of kiss

special kisses

Kissing The Velvet

This is a bit more on the realistic side than I had planned when I started it.
Sometimes I geek out on form, sometimes colors, sometimes perspective, and sometimes it is the composition.
Every once and a great while I get a tad wrapped up in picking away at something though, and this was one of those times.

I did this pretty picture with Higgins Black Magic ink and Grumbacher watercolor paints.
I had no working title when I did it, so once complete I was stumped on what to call it.
My wife said call it “Miranda eating pussy.”
Umm… No.
A bit crass I think.
She was of course being humorous in her title help, but also a tad serious.
It sat around for three weeks until I thought of “Kissing The Velvet.”
Like that?
I do.

If you like the girly girl themed art you should also check out my last post.
I am giving away a fun girly girl original piece of art done in pastels.
Or you can skip that and go straight to the giveaway here.
It is a whole different flavor (and style) than the one shown above.

Anyhow… hope you all enjoy Miranda Eating Pussy, I meant Kissing The Velvet. *wink*


Have a Sinful Sunday

sinfun sunday

Art Geeky Notes:
When using Higgins inks for images such as the above I use a combination of dip pens in various sizes and brushes too.
I often dilute my inks with plain tap water.
When I apply watercolor washes it is almost always mid ink-work on detailed pieces.
(like the above)
This allows me to fine tune the work after colors are there without getting an overworked look.
If the piece is less detailed I do ALL my ink-work first and then lay the watercolor washes.
Applying water based inks over watercolor washes is dangerous because it easily creates a muddy look.
That is why I only do so on higher detail artwork. I hate taking the “You just made a mud pie” risk on something unless it is 100% necessary.

Funny Note:
Miranda claims that I NEVER get her nose right.
On completion of this the first thing she said to me was “You still didn’t get it right.”
I use her as a subject in a lot of the stuff I do.
It has become a personal quest to someday get her nose right.
The day I do… no matter what the artwork is that she finds her nose to be done right… I shall title it “I got Miranda’s Nose Right.”

Prints of the artwork shown above can be found here.
(along with other fun ink and watercolor works)

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Girl Time Artsy Giveaway

I do a lot of studies.
Most go in the trash.
Some I keep.
Some become starting points for other projects.
Often I stash them away and find them years later.
Sometimes people talk me into selling them.
My latest thing is to give some of them away.

This is the one I am giving away right now.
girl time study giveaway
If you dig it you can go here and enter to win it.
If it is a bit to risque for your bedroom walls (note all the bits are strategically hidden) but you still dig it, feel free to share the giveaway around without entering.

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A goddess would have pubes

I just framed this up and sent it off to Dirty Show 14, which is an annual erotic art show held in Detroit.

erotic goddess image

erotic goddess image

The title is Demeter in the view of mortals.
It was inspired from a story about the roman goddess Demeter who is the goddess of the hearth and its fire whose flame was tended by vestal virgins.

Many people who know me in person have made comments on the pubes.
It has even been called things like “the pube picture,” and “Goddess of bush.”

I explain that it is a Roman Goddess, and that a goddess would not shave her pubes.
It was never mentioned that she had no pubic hair, so I assume she did.

My humorous friends (and family) have stated that it is to much of a bush.
They have said if I had made her hairless it would be more erotic.
My argument is:
1) Demeter would have had a full growth bush.
2) I already trimmed it up in my mind to fit better with today’s minds.
3) Some people really love a bit of bush.

So… weather you dig a bit of bush or not… a true goddess would have some in my mind.
I can’t imagine a goddess shaving her bits (or even magicking her hair away) to be in the current fashion.

On that note I will say that I have noticed a huge trend with the late teens/early 20’s gals not shaving anyway.
Just a nice trim seems to be the trend. A small bush so to speak instead of a short cropped lawn or baldness. It is rather cute.

If you really dig the above watercolor and ink artwork you can get prints of it HERE. (pubic hair included)

Wicked Wednesday

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Pictures in the dark

pictures in the dark

So the other night…

Pffft, the pictures give enough of a hint about that.
Modern digital cameras are some amazing things.
While looking at a few pictures I recently took (the ones I used to make the odd collage type deal above) I got to thinking how cool it was to be able and just point and shoot in the dark with a camera and get surprise pictures afterwards.

The lights can be completely off.
Sure, the flash is probably a bit annoying, but still it is amazing.
The real pictures that I got looked as if they had been shot with the lights on.
No special settings. It was just on auto.

Anonymity of one of the people who were in the dark doesn’t allow me to show those pictures, but I wish I could.
She is sexy in a way that makes me jittery.

So… after a few pics I set that camera down and uninterrupted their game.
Cameras and taking pictures didn’t cross my mind again that night.



sinfun sunday

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Why lesbian themed erotic art

Twice in one week I have had a strange topic of conversation arise because of a certain theme that flows through much of my erotic art.

The first was a simple question put to me of why I do so much art with a girl on girl theme.
This question came from a male who happened to be gay in the flaming sort of way.

I told him that I bill most of it as “lesbian” because that is how people will usually identify with it.
In reality I think of it as bisexual girls.
The reason I think that way is partially the same reason I create so much artwork that revolves around it.
In my life MOST girls I have known closely and intimately have been bisexual.
The minority girls identify as lesbian and straight.
That is not a recent thing. It is lifelong.
I have no clue what sexual preference someone I randomly chat with on the street may be.
I don’t care one bit what preference the gal or dude checking my groceries at the store may have.
I’m talking about people I actually know.
People I have had dinner with more than twice. People who have been in my home.
Almost all who happened to be female also happened to be bisexual.
I’m a bisexual girl magnet I guess.

So… I think of girls firstly as bisexual. I therefore do not think of them as lesbian or straight until it has been told to me.
It is an subconscious  assumption from life experience.
Most people I think consider people as straight until they find out different, unless the person in question heavily advertises it through social clues.
Clues like being “flaming” gay as I said above.
The mannerisms and ways of talking/dressing advertise his preferences for him.

So mostly I know bisexual girls.
Mostly I hang out with females.
Mostly I am influenced by them and also have better access to female+female type situations for modeling purposes.
In general… men don’t like to get naked and be in front of a camera so much as women either.
When they do they are often shy or restrained once naked.

Believe it or not… men have way worse body issues than women once naked usually.
I’ve been stripping people down for photos, art, tattoos, piercings, and a few other odd things for a long time.

Women are simply more comfortable in general.

So… I have a ready supply of females who have no problem touching other females.
(at least in comparison to males)

Thus… girly girl art.

The answer was accepted by the guy who said he wished I would do some guy+guy art.
Since he was an attractive little guy I told him I would be very happy to have him pose for me if he had a likewise attractive partner for said modeling.
He was not interested.

suck my kiss lesbian themed erotic art

I did mention that there was more than one strange conversation on this topic I believe.
The second one was much more interesting.

A girl came into my place of work and complimented me profusely on my paintings.
She regularly read/follows my art blog.
(I’m hoping she doesn’t know of this blog)
After many compliments and telling me all about which pieces she liked the most she pretty much straight up asked if I’d like to watch her have sex with my wife.

I told her I would be interested in her modeling, but sex with my wife wasn’t needed for such things.
“Wouldn’t you like to watch though?” was her reply.
I said I don’t usually get into such things unless I am involved personally, and that I doubted my wife would take kindly to me setting her up on a blind sex date with someone she had never even seen before to boot.
The girl seemed confused and a tad embarrassed. I tried to sooth her via explaining that I wasn’t a guy who thought lesbians were hot and had no voyeuristic fantasies of watching girls get it on.
She wanted to know how come I made that sort of art then.
I explained basically in the same way I did to the guy.
This chick still had no clue.
She said something like “So if I want to do this I have to have sex with you too?”
I was offended.
I said something like “No, you can pose, I can use you for certain things, but no sex with anybody is involved, and what makes you think I would want to have sex with you?”
Her face turned apple red with splotches.
She replied with an “I don’t know, I just thought you did.” to which I replied “I don’t even know you.”
Then she proceeded to tell me how I have done all her tattoos while pulling bits of her clothes aside to show me.
I explained that I don’t remember people well, but did recall the tattoos once I saw them.
She seemed appeased, but still flustered and embarrassed.
I told her about a form I have online for people who wish to model.
I told her to fill it out if she was still interested.
She said she would and left.
As of yet… I haven’t received any form from her.

Now with those fun stories said I will add this to the why of girly+girly art.
1) I find women beautiful. I find them beautiful in ones, twos, threes, and mores.
2) My wife prefers girly+girly art over girly+guy art and I like it when my wife enjoys my art.
3) There is a small market for such art and there is almost zero for my own preferences in the art world.
I am a lover of group sex and fantasy scenarios. Not many people will buy art depicting orgy like scenes. Even those who partake in such things are not seeking to hang such scenes on their bedroom walls.
I am not a hobby artist.
Only hobby artists (or those born with silver spoons) may create without any care at all of sales.
Simply because art is my sole bread and butter I am bound to keep the consumer in mind at least a little bit.

Erotic themed art is a very tiny market.
It isn’t for the living room. It is mostly for bedrooms (some even call it bedroom art) and it is for the den, the adult game room, the man cave, and sadly even those places rarely.
In creating erotic themed art I have found myself in a tiny niche.
Making it smaller would make it impossible to succeed.
I’d end up having to do frigg’n Christmas card illustrations to make ends meat.
No Thanks!

Prints of the artwork shown above can be found here.
The title for work is “Suck My Kiss.”

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How long should intercourse last?

We are all different in what we like and how we function.
When it comes to sex that is as true of a statement as can be made.
Yet… we are also all kinda the same.

People often post little polls in the forums on Lifestyle Lounge.

I recently saw this one on how long a woman wants a man to go at it during intercourse.

The question read as follows:

While fucking…the actual act…how long do you prefer the guy to take before cumming? Is there a thing about taking too long? If a guy cums quicker than you want…do you give him the “second chance” ?

These were the results:

1-3 minutes is just right 2 [ 1.75% ]
4-10 minutes is perfect 27 [ 23.68% ]
11-15 minutes. After that I get bored and raw 18 [ 15.79% ]
15-30 minutes. So I can have 3 orgasms 37 [ 32.46% ]
I want to go all night non-stop! 13 [ 11.40% ]
All of the above 9 [ 7.89% ]
None of the above 8 [ 7.02% ]

Not a lot of votes were in yet, but nonetheless I found it interesting.
People in the lifestyle (swingers) seem to to like their intercourse to last about the same amount of time everyone else does.
I found that surprising because I have met a few girls in the lifestyle that wanted to go go go.
Many more than what I have met outside of swinging.

This little article on esquire says adequate coitus lasts anywhere from three to seven minutes.
Here is a quote from the article;
“Very few people have intercourse per se [Latin for by thrust] that goes longer than 12 minutes,” says sex therapist Barry W. McCarthy. Essentially, ejaculatory inhibition, which is also called “delayed orgasm” or “junkie orgasm,” has less to do with actual time than an inability to ejaculate when you’d like. And premature ejaculation, which is also called “rapid ejaculation” or “your ejaculation,” refers to intercourse that lasts less than a minute or two.
It seems this matches up great with the favored time of most women who answered the poll on LL.
Still… “delayed orgasm” or “junkie orgasm” ???

I can go off within a minute or make myself last up to an hour pretty easy.
I usually like about 10 to 15 minutes, but it depends.
Sometimes if I get up in the 40 minute plus zone I lose sensation though and can even lose my erection.
Not cool!

On I found this sex duration calculator.
It only allows you to say up to 8 minutes.
For my age and ethnicity it says
Your have indicated that your average time of sexual intercourse is above 8 minutes .
But for your age, ethnicity and country, the average time is generally 3.5 minutes.

Then the info along with the calculator states…
Research indicates that the best sexual intercourse lasts between 7 and 13 minutes.
If 7 to 13 is best and 3.5 is average for my age/ethnicity then I am seeing a not perfect situation for my fellow forty something males in their bedrooms at home.
There fix it advice is to have more foreplay.
Hows that fix intercourse?
Maybe these guys already have tons of foreplay and please their partners ten times over before intercourse.

On wikipedia I found a bit of info dating back to 91 that said June M. Reinisch and Ruth Beasley of the Kinsey Institute found that 75 percent of men ejaculated within two minutes of penetration.
The guys they sampled must have been highly stressed.

How long a girl wants it to last…

from my own experience I can say that I have had gals get pissed and even bitch at me if I give them an ultra quicky (minute man style)
I will say that I have never done this with a girl on a first or second or even a third date/time.
I think that is why they get pissed. They know it wasn’t my usual way.
My thinking is that if I feel a really strong orgasm coming on I should go for it because it may not be as strong later.
Round two is also always hoped for… and it ain’t like I just stop and roll over.
The reason i never do it on the first through third dates/times is because I figure I may not get my second/third/fourth if I did.

I’ve also had many girls ask me to cum when I wasn’t at a perfect cum time so I have asked why and the reason was “getting sore.”
Sometimes it has been in as little as 15 minutes.
Some girls however want it for a full hour and after a 15 minute break think it is time to go again.
Sadly I need more than just a 15 minute break nowadays if it was a long one like that.

I read a bunch of other dorky webpages on average times and average wishes of females.
The four to ten minutes the LL poll is showing as the top deal seems to be the consensus.
I’m having a stupid thought about setting a stopwatch for 4 minutes and hitting the button on penetration.
“beep beep beep” 4 minutes later and I call halftime and pull out for a minute.
Cheerleaders do their thing and then I go back into the game.
I get weird thoughts like that all the time… don’t worry, I won’t be setting any stop watches.

So, my question to you is how long do you think it should last and how long (in your life) does it usually last?

For me I would say I usually go for 10 to 15 minutes.
I’d like it more around 20 to 25.
My primary partner however does NOT want it to be that long.
She is more into maybe 5 to 10 max.
I try to please. (usually)



Wicked Wednesday

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The sexiest blogs of 2012 – Always worth a read list

The sexiest blogs of 2012

This is it guys and gals…

The sexiest blogs of 2012

I deliver unto you the official sexy blog list of 2012.
AKA – Inferno’s always worth a read list.
Sexuality, polyamory, swinging, stories, sexy humor, erotica and life in general.
These are the blogs that have consistently kept putting out posts worth reading.

This year 40 blogs have made the list.

Obviously they are not in order of best to worst as it is impossible to number such blogs of various subjects. These are all great blogs in one way or another and offer up some sexy mind food.


AbSINthePassion – The blog of Mr. and Mrs. AbsinthePassion. Well written, insightful, fun, sexy, sometimes serious and definitely worth a read.

A tale of Bi and Bi – A mostly sex blog from a geeky, kinky, and open minded couple who are both bisexual.

At Longing’s End – The blog of Mina and Sylvanus. Mina is a 30 something year old gal who describes herself as short, curvaceous and spunky. Sylvanus is the male half and husband of Mina. He claims to be vintage 1977. They have a nontraditional and nonmonogamous marriage. They also have a small collection of recipes posted. Be sure to check it out.

Being Bella – The blog of a 30-something mom, wife and lover, trying out the open marriage/swinging thing with her husband of 10+ years.

Being Black Silk – This blog is predominantly a sex toy review blog. I usually don’t find much sexiness in a review and if a site is more than 50% reviews it is not very interesting to me. This blogger however makes her reviews sexy in themselves with her very original, thought out, and nicely composed sex toy photos. Besides the reviews you will also find other fun pictures, drawings, fiction, and non fiction.

Confessions of a Swinger’s Wife – Journal styled blog mostly concerning swinging and related subjects. Lots of thoughts on life and sex in general are shared here on this blog.

Curvaceous Dee – The blog of a pansexual, polyamorous, fat, kinky, New Zealander by the name of Dee. Great writing and fun attitudes abound.

Frisky in the 916 – The very random blog of Jack and Jill. Stories, fantasies, pictures, and more. Sometimes funny, sometimes very personal, mostly just fun.

Hotwifing Exposed – Fantasy and the real deal too. The blog of a married couple in the UK.

(It Girl. Rag Doll) – A well written and thought provoking blog dealing primarily with sexuality and erotica.

It’s Just A Hobby – The blogs tagline is “Stuff about sex, politics and the law.” Thoughtful and questioning with a sprinkle of kink on top is how I would describe it. Not being USA based (as I am) the politics and laws are not always familiar to me, but the topics are universal.

Learning to… – A journal styled blog of a gal/couple that pretty much touch on most aspects of life. This blog once was called “Learning to swing,” but then life turned them vanilla with sprinkles.

My Dissolute Life – Husband, Father, Slut. Blogger. (that is the tagline on the site) You will find a lot of varied subject matter on this journal styled blog.

My Whole Sex Life – This blog covers a ton of subjects in regards to sex and sexuality. The part I enjoy most however is what you will find when you click the tab that says Evoë’s Blog.

Pieces of Jade – A fun and kinky girl shares her adventures in words and photos on this blog. I have followed Jade for a long time and the only reason this is the first time listing her blog on my sexiest blog list is because I had previously listed her no longer updated (A Poly Life) in 2011 and 2010.

Rebels Notes – This blog from Marie Rebel is a journal style blog that covers many aspects of her life and fantasies with a lot on her D/S lifestyle. She also hosts Wicked Wednesdays, which is a sexy blog meme I have sporadically participated with this last year.

Sex with Rose – A self described amazon (as in tall) by the name of Rose blogs about her sex life, and sex in general.

Swinging Gemma – The adventures of Gemma and Jake, both real ones and fantasies. This is a fun and varied blog to read.

Synergistic Energy Exchange – Journal styled blog with advice and food for thought thrown in. The blogger covers a lot, but her primary focus is sacred sexuality and relationships.

The secret life of a naughty kitty – A girl “kitty” shares her sexual thoughts and adventures in a fun way on this journal styled blog.

The Sexual Life Of A Wife – I ran into this blog at the end of 2011 and thought it interesting. A year later I still do.

Week Bi Week – A couple who are poly, both bi, kinky, kinda (or sometimes) swingers… What more do you need in a blog writing team?

2 years running!
The following blogs have made the always worth a read list two years in a row.

Anal Amy – If you like a good sexy story then you just may love this blog. (2 years listed)

A Slut’s Memoir – The blog of a submissive masochist slut from my home state. If I kept a list of the “naughtiest” bloggers A Sluts Memoir would be up in the top ranks. Lots of detailed experiences and thoughts on this blog. (2 years listed)

Crevice Canyon – Not a lot of posts on this blog, but when it is updated the posts are always entertaining and fun. I am a quality over quantity type guy so Crevice Canyon makes the list. The blogger describes herself as a sex positive, smut brained, curvy, queer, filthy tomboy femme who loves to frolic on the pervy side of life. (2 years listed)

Evil Slutopia – Last year I described Evil Slutopia as heavily opinionated and in your face on a multitude of topics, and mentioned that find the extremely liberal one moment then conservative the next viewpoints very entertaining. That all still stands. That makes for a great blog. (2 years listed)

KissinBlueKaren – A general sex blog of a high caliber with the added bonus of some great swinging adventure stories. You will find a little bit of everything here from product reviews to advice. (2 years listed)

Love Hate Sex Cake – Musings on a libidinous life. Here you will find the beautifully sensuous, tastefully sexy, and often dreamy images and words of Cheeky Minx. (2 years listed)

MissyStarrk – A personal sex blog done mostly in a journal style. A lot of ground gets covered here, ranging from personal thoughts and feelings to adventures and sexcapades. (2 years listed)

Molly’s Daily Kiss – A blog from a submissive in the UK that covers a lot of different ground. I actually enjoyed this blog so much that it inspired me to sporadically participate in a meme she hosts called Sinful Sunday throughout this last year. (2 years listed)

Rebecca Ammon – Conversations about Sex, Love, and Relationships. A general topic sex blog with a slant towards the swingers lifestyle. Lots of different subjects are covered here in a usually light and playful manner. (2 years listed)

Sexual adventures of a married woman – A very NSFW journal styled blog that covers the writer’s sex life, fantasies, fetishes and kinks. Photos are often included. (2 years listed)

The Big Ugly – 10 second timer self-portraits from Lauralyn. You will be impressed. (2 years listed)

3 years running!
These next blogs have made my sexiest blogs of the year list 3 times in a row.

Dick n Jane – Though post frequency dropped a bit this year for this blog, Dick n Jane is still one of the best all around personal style sex themed blogs online. Dick n Jane deliver with advice to add spice, sex education, personal thoughts, shared experiences, and random posts that just set you to thinking. (3 years listed)

Having my cake & eating it too – The sensual blog of Joanna Cake. This blog covers as she puts it “all the elements of a being a woman.” Thought provoking, sometimes sad, often sexy, occasionally eye opening, and always worth a read. (3 years listed)

Hubmans’s Hangout – This blog is sexy because of the writers attitude. Though you can find some sexual content (actually a lot in the archives) it is more of an anything and everything journal type blog. The writer also happens to be very into photography and I often just pop in to see what his latest photos posted may be. (3 years listed)

Jenny Swallows – Sexy writings, juicy thoughts, and more fill this blog with a nice taste of humor thrown in. Written well and always fun. (3 years listed)

Love and Lust – Sex + art + porn + gibberish (taken from site) is a fitting description for what you may find on this blog. As a side not I will also mention that I have taken to following this bloggers tumblr too. It is primarily filled with pictures of pretty girls and sexy things shot in a semi romanticized or artistic manner. (3 years listed)

New York Swingers A couple involved with the New York swingers scene write about their adventures and thoughts on the subject. Their personal accounts and answers to their “ask me anything” offer for readers have added up over the life of this blog resulting in a virtual treasure trove of information. (3 years listed)

Thoughts from a mystic Satyr – A journal style blog filled with randomness, but focusing on the more sexual and erotic side of life. A lot ow well written fiction this year. (3 years listed)

That’s all folks!

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If I find a great blog I start reading it. If posts stay regular and the subjects stay interesting I keep going back. It’s that simple.

I hope you all have found some new and interesting blog reads.

the best sexy blogs of 2012

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Do you give in to temptations?


Temptations are so personal.
So is what we find forbidden.

We all have our own private moral codes and rules to live by.
Sometimes temptations come along that seem oh so strong.

Do you give in?
Have you given in?
Will you again?


sinfun sunday
Sinful Sunday is ALL about the image.


Merry Ho Ho Ho everyone.

Hope you all have been naughty enough to make the the naughty list and nice enough for Santa to forgive you.


Prints of the above artwork are available via my erotic paintings section on Imagekind.