Old swingers clubs & changing times

Been a while since I Posted.
Mostly it is because I have been super busy, but also it is because I just haven’t had much to jabber jaw about.

This last weekend though…
Hmm, yup.
A couple who are friends with my wife and I, and also in the lifestyle (swingers) talked us into going to a club.
We used to be members of the club, but have not been in a couple years because the management changed hands (for the worse) and also we have not really been playing (swinging) much. At all really. We just kinda dropped out because of life’s weird paths.
The club (New Horizons) is one of the nicest clubs in the USA.
It is however a place that now has low attendance and charges big bucks to make up for it.
Dues are insane considering that usually there are only like 20 or so couples unless it is a special party.
Party prices are insane too considering the low attendance.
This last weekend though was supposed to be different.
Someone from outside the club was throwing the party.
We were told high attendance, fun atmosphere, glow party, and booze included.
Back dues would be caught up for a small fee of just $20 in an attempt to get old members back to the club.
I decided to look the party up on Lifestyle Lounge because they have all the sweet party info.
It looked good and many people had done the LL RSVP thing.

So… we went.
Trouble from the start.
At the door it seemed it was $20 per person to catch up back dues and then $100 for the next 6 months of dues plus party fee of $85 or $95 (can’t recall) so EXPENSIVE.
Booze was supplied, there were about 200 people in attendance, and music wasn’t horrible. (it usually is)
The people throwing the party had installed a cage for people to dance in.
I think they had great ideas as to how the party should go so it would be fun, but they had road blocks.
The normal management.
The music was “to loud” they said.
The lights “bothered people” they said.
Yup… I heard more too.
I give props to Norbert. He did a lot for swinging and has had the club since the 70’s. He and his wife could definitely be said to have helped shape the swinging lifestyle in not just the US, but the whole world.
That said… There comes a time to hang up your hat.
Times change, people change, venues must change with those times.
The club is out of date as to how it runs.
It is boring.
Swinging should not be boring. It is supposed to be about fun.
The attendance has dropped so far that they keep raising prices to try and stay afloat.
Meanwhile other clubs thrive.

Our evening was pleasant (after the door situation) with ok food, nice bartenders, and some conversation with our friends and a couple I had sat down to dinner with.
The dancing was not to fabulous , but then again… “can’t have the music to loud.”
The glow sticks glowed, but the glow paint (provided) didn’t much because they couldn’t tweak the lighting to much I guess. Oh well.

Overall, the vibe was not conducive to hooking up.
We ourselves (wife and I) hadn’t planned on hooking with anyone anyways, but would have been cool to at least get a bit of a desire too.
We didn’t.
We found out that nobody hardly did.
When we decided it was time to have sex with each other we went upstairs to the play areas.
We played with each other in an upper bunk area that allowed a view of many other play spots.
The big thing we noticed was that everyone else was doing the same thing.
Almost every couple had decided to just stick with themselves rather than play with others.
That is cool and all, but if everyone is doing it then I think that says something about the vibe of the place.
People don’t join swingers clubs just to fuck each other usually. Sure, some do. They like the eye candy and atmosphere, but not the majority.

We used to (years ago) highly recommend the club.
It was often busy and the people always seemed nice.

Bitchy door people who act put out, retirement home atmosphere, and higher prices each and every year make it not a place I recommend, but a place I feel sad for.
Such a waste.
One of the coolest set ups in the country for the lifestyle, and it is almost dead just because of bad management. So sad.

I hope they get the picture and update before it is gone for good.

6 Responses to “Old swingers clubs & changing times”

  1. March 5, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    Funny. We belonged to this club for awhile, too. Had a few fun times there, but we noticed the same downslide beginning a few years ago.

    We tried Club Sapphire – and they seem to be getting it pretty right.

    I still prefer a good house party or a small gathering over the big shebang. But, a raucous sex party has its perks.

    I agree with you…New Horizons has seen better days and should probably pack it in if they aren’t willing to completely overhaul the whole concept and kick out the current management.

    • March 5, 2013 at 10:34 pm

      The old management is club sapphire.
      The son of the owner of NH.
      We have never been to any club sapphire events, but have mostly heard good things & are thinking of going to their big ocean shores event next time they have it.

      The biggest bummer to me about New Horizons is that the place is so big and set up for such fun. It makes it such a waste.

      • March 12, 2013 at 8:22 pm

        I agree…it was always such an “event” for us to go – nice to just be able to walk around in little to no clothing and just “be”. Sleeping there, getting wild in the upstairs “red room” – all just great fun. Plus…the midnight snack was a total bonus. Hard to get room service at midnight.

        BTW…I nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award…


        • March 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm

          Thank yo very much Brigit.

          That little snack is one thing they do have right.
          This last time they served up a full breakfast. Love that touch.
          They didn’t however have any cookies.
          My wife was looking forward to the cookies they usually put out late at night.

  2. March 8, 2013 at 7:30 am

    Any sexual business venture has to be able to shift and adapt constantly. We bloggers and kinky consumers are a fickle bunch, and we want to be inspired and entertained.

    If a company or venue starts to lose focus on who they cater to, for whatever reason, their sales numbers will reflect that. Compensating with higher prices is just a sign of a bigger problem–that what they business is focused on themselves instead of their customers.

    Great post, and thanks to the Lustful Literate for recommending it.


    • March 13, 2013 at 12:12 pm

      Very true Octavia.
      It isn’t just swing/lifestyle clubs that can fade away from not being able to change.
      A close friend of mine worked at a certain kink/sex product store in the Seattle area for many years and I have noticed the same problem there.
      Besides the competition from internet sales the store also suffers from old thinking management.
      The layout and look was once very wild/kinky/exciting.
      Though they keep the place very nice still it smacks of late 80’s or early 90’s department store now.
      They simply haven’t updated enough.
      The crowd was all ages (of adults) back then (80’s/90’s) but now seems to be 40+ with a medium age of around 50.
      The younger folks don’t like the place. It is boring to them.
      A business must be able to bring in new customers to survive.

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