The Maskie That Ain’t So Sexy

My wife is a California Exotic Novelties “SEXPERT” which I have know idea what means, but the title is dang fitting because if anyone is a “SEXPERT” it is she.
What a Cal exotics sexpert does is review products made by California Exotics.
Usually these products are pretty cool.
For example… The Vanity Vr5 vibrator was sent to her from them and it is currently (and has been for a long time) her number one favorite vibe.
Here is a link to the Vanity Vr5 vibrator on Amazon.
Considering we have so many sex toys it has become a storage issue (we use those big plastic totes and stack them in the garage) being the number one vibe is impressive.
They also sent us the Compagnia double ended dildo. This has become her double dong of choice when it comes to playing with her girl friends.
Here is a review of the Compagnia double dildo she did on the Swingers Attic.

Recently though she got a “WTF?” toy from them.
It is the The “Original” Accommodator Latex Dong.

I saw the box and thought “That is a kinda creep’n looking thing.”
The box cover or box art (however you wish to think of it) is NOT sexy. It is creepy and weird in a way I can’t imagine being a sexy thing to anyone who I know.
Then we open the box up. Hmmm…. It is ugly. It is cheep seeming.
It reminded me of the singing in the rain scene from the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange.’
The Accommodator could be a maskie in the movie.
If you have not seen it forever… It is cheep through Amazon.
2 Disc special addition
If you have never read the book, but dig the movie I recommend doing so.
Here is a link to the Clockwork Orange Book.
(Sorry to all you that hate the movie)

Tell me the Accommodator couldn’t be used in place of this maskie?
The nose knows.

The girl is stressed, about to be brutally abused with her damaged husband watching in horror… with the Accommodator mask… whoops, I’m mistaken. That is just a maskie.
You do see the resemblance though?
It isn’t meant to be worn like a mask (maskie) yet it neither of us wanted to have a serious picture with it being worn correctly because we both didn’t want to look that stupid.
If a product makes you feel like you look stupid it doesn’t lead to sexy feelings.
I’m not thinking “you look like a freaking dork” is conducive to mind blowing orgasms.

(Anyone turned on?)

Here is what the back of the box says about the product.

It is the standard. Oh ya, how did I live without it, and how did I not know?

So… did we use it? Yep, I put it on and gave it a try. I got laughed at and she kept trying to take pics. (wasn’t happening)
The idea is kinda a good one and maybe a fancy product made with red and pink leather with stretchy stuff in the back to make it snug… plus a fancy silicone dildo with pretty colors swirled through might make for a good lesbian toy, but… this is not only ugly, it is made from nasty latex.
I only tried it for a short period because my face is very sensitive. I am sensitive to latex especially. (bit of a latex allergy built up from years of latex glove use back in the day)
Yup, this product was a complete fail in our home.

Who knows what floats your boat though.
Maybe it looks hot and sexy to you and you’d rather have it be made of latex (wrapped on foam) to keep the cost low than have it made with high quality materials and have to pay big bucks for it.

This is how Cal Exotics describes it:
“Pliable Latex dong fits comfortably on the head of the user, freeing up hands…and tongue, for some serious orgasmic bliss!”
Sounds better in their words.

It is available on Amazon.
The “Original” Accommodator Latex Dong


Please note that I am not the SEXPERT. I have included the SEXPERT button (which links to the Cal Exotics site if you click it) because they are the ones that sent the product.

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