Honeymoon in a Box ( Lesbian Version )

Babeland has these little kits called Honeymoon in a box.
They have them in three versions.

The Honeymoon in a Box for gay guys, the Honeymoon in a Box for lesbians, and the Honeymoon in a Box with no designation as to whom it is for. I’m guessing that means straight folks, but maybe it is for bisexuals. (Things that make ya go Hmmm)
The for lesbians moniker applied to the set is what actually made me pay attention to this set when I was taking pictures of the products for my wife’s sex toy review site.
I thought “why is this for lesbians?”
I suppose it doesn’t really matter, but it still made me think “hmmm.”
Long story short… gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, bisexual, or whatever you decide to call yourself (HUMAN) this is a nice little set.

It comes in this nice classy box with some low key ribbon that says stuff like explore, surprise, imagine, exhale, dream, squeeze, embrace… and more stuff of that sort. It looks dang good.

sexy gift in a great package

I don’t wrap well, and I really don’t like going out to get separate packaging for gifts, so this is just great. Score one to Babeland for the wonderful packaging on this one!

Great packaging or not it is more important what is in the box than what the box itself looks like.

So… take a peek.

look at all the sexy stuff you will get
Did you notice the Babeland tissue in the box? Yep, nice packaging.

First I will point out the Shag Factory Finger Vibe. This small soft, squishy contraption attaches to your finger and has a bullet vibe to give a girls bean a tingle. (Did you like how I called it a bean?)
I guess you could call this item kinda lesbian-centric as a couples toy because men are all about penetration and the majority (though not all) of women are more into clitoral stimulation. Nah… I’m reaching. A guy can use this on a gal just as easy as two gals can play with it.
Anywho… it has three speeds and uses watch batteries (they came with)

Next we have the Babeland Body Lickable Oil. This all-natural stuff is made with organic sweet almond oil and can be licked up without nasty taste getting in your mouth. Makes that shiny soft skin look on your lover super appealing after a rubdown. You can also use this stuff for oral sex, but please take note that almond oil is a latex condom killer.

Flower Balm is tingle stuff. This stuff ain’t my cup-o-tea. I’m not knocking the product, I don’t like any of these peppermint concoctions. Some people however love the stuff. Flower Balm is made with wild oat extract and a blend of menthol and peppermint. My wife said it is not overly powerful and gives off more of a cool refreshing feeling than buzzy tingles. I can’t say much except what she said because I didn’t actually check it out myself because it ain’t my cup-o-tea. (just wanted to say that one more time)

On to the BabeLube! We didn’t open the Babelube because we had no need. We already have Babelube on the dresser next to the bed, in our swingers bag, and in our secret stash spot in the living room. We both like Babelube. This water-based stuff is glycerin-free, non-staining, gluten-free, and works on sensitive people without issues. It is medium thick, gel like, has almost no taste, and gets slippery again fast with just a spritz of water.

Last and probably least when it comes to the needs of my readers who are I’m guessing a bit more sexually experimental and experienced than the average human is the Dirty Dice.
If you don’t already have a set of these or something similar stashed someplace in your home you probably did at one point. I consider these a goofy novelty product with a purpose. They are to me kinda lame. No… a lot lame. Even so, I have a few different versions of sex game dice stashed around my home and have actually used them on occasions. Lame or not, these types of dice can get the ball rolling sexually, and I imagine they would be good for creating a bit of variety in foreplay if you are in a rut.
Dirty Dice aside, the Honeymoon in a Box (lesbian version) is still a great little collection of sexy stuff that also comes packaged to please.

You can Get it here!

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