Ever watch the movie Jawbreaker?
If you have then you will know what I am thinking, but if you haven’t I guess your out of luck.
Basically it is about a birthday prank that goes way off plan and centers around a Jawbreaker candy ball.
Marilyn Manson plays a creeper in it, a mousy nobody becomes the hot thing in school, perversion plays well in the background, and the chicks are hot! It is a screwed up teen movie to say the least.
That said… I liked it!

My wife got the Kinklab Jawbreaker Gag from Babeland as a review product recently.
She is not into ball gags. They kinda freak her out. Why this was a selection I have no idea.
Maybe her love for candy superseded her hate of ball gags.

Anyways, the thing is not super well made, but then again… It is a novelty candy ball gag.
It was it made all pimp style awesome it would be high priced. If your going to buy a novelty gag it should be cheep. I wont spend any time bitching then on the quality of the gag.

Besides that… It is pretty cool.
Here is is strapped in on my wife face. Oh yes, shut her up!
(just kidding dear)

jawbreaker gag in use

This next pic is the gag as it arrived.
Note the big choking hazard sticker?
Yep… makes me thing of that movie.
Jawbreakers are pretty dangerous really. Don’t strap this on your partner and lock them in the trunk of your car.

jawbreaker gag from kinklab

Now it is my turn.
I had forgotten how yummy Jawbreaker candy was.
Brought me back to my childhood. Ten cents for a big jawbreaker, Two for ten to get the medium ones. Lick them, suck them, they last all day.

jawbreaker gag and me

For sex play this thing gets messy.
Saliva leaks with sticky sugar juices down the sides of your mouth. It is annoying, but if your into bondage and discipline games these annoying sugar juice trails can be a plus.
You partner can also lick them off if you are behaving and deserve such sweet treatment.
In other words this saliva/candy/sugar problem can be a dded part of your fun.

Once the candy shrank to much for us to use it as a ball gag I just turned it into a sugar fix treat.
Jawbreakers last forever. “Everlasting gobstoppers?” hmm…
You can give it a few licks to curb your sugar cravings, and as long as you don’t chow down on it you ain’t going to ruin your diet.
I had forgotten my liking of such candy. I may just buy another when this one is gone.

Get it at Babeland.

jawbreaker gag

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