In the world of dreams

Dreams are odd things.
People have debated the reasons we dream since the beginning of man. They have also debated what dreams even are.
Nobody really knows. Those that say they do are really just holding onto a theory so tight they view it as fact.

I go through stages of remembering my dreams vividly to not even knowing what I dreamed about.
I have nightmares off and on too.

Mostly though I dream about sexual scenarios.
The reason I say scenarios is because it is most often about the when, why, how of a situation rather than sex itself.
The things said before, the feelings, emotions, and places are bigger in the dream than the sexual act itself.
The who of such dreams has changed over the years, but rarely has it been random people.
It is usually just one or two women that I dream of successively night after night for months.

My own theory is that dreams are as real as our waking world.
I think dreams are shared sometimes too.
Maybe these scenarios are happening for her as well as me in the world of dreams.
Maybe we meet there for these adventures.

I figure since most people have multiple dreams per night, but only remember scattered bits of one or two it is possible the other person involved wouldn’t remember it or maybe would remember it differently.

I also figure that time in the waking world flows differently than in the dream world so though it seems I met with the lovely girl last night and walked hand in hand with her, she may not have that dream for months to come as far as her conscious waking self will know.

I also believe we partially control these dreams we have.
The control is shared, but perspectives are relevant to the one experiencing it.

In my dream we met in a summer meadow and you had on a white flowing dress.
In your dream it was spring in a park and had on green.
Maybe I dreamt your lips so sweet I said they tasted of honey, but you dreamt I said sugary sweet.

We can be and say anything in our dreams.
There is no limits because it all comes from our minds.

When we enter the world of dreams we all enter naked.

We then clothe ourselves in our desires.

Here is a bit of art.
I call it “Dream Walker.”
In the world of dreams
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May your dreams be beautiful.