Improvements on LL

As most of you who read my blog know, LL is hands down our favorite swingers site.
(Yes I know the lifestyle is the socially correct lingo)
Anyways… all sites could use some improvements as none are perfect.
Lifestyle Lounge has been doing a lot of that this year.
Most improvements haven’t been anything I cared much about though.
Today’s was awesome though.

One of the buggers with the site. (all swingers sites have buggers about them) was that if you had private galleries filled with naughty pics you could only share them with Real Sealed members.
It was for protection I suppose, but it made it so if you wanted to send your naughty pics to a freebie non certified real couple you had to do so via emails.
To much of a hassle for me. I’m lazy that way.
Now however (as of today) we certified real members (paid up or not I believe) are able to share with anybody we like on the site.
That is how it always shoulda been in my mind.
So… KUDOS to LL for a good change in the rules.

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