Not sure if I have ever shown any of my paintings in this style before here on Red Region Inferno.
Don’t think I have, but guess it ain’t important anyway.

Here it is…

I call it “GRIND”

Prints of this painting can be had HERE.

It is a blend of pop, cubism, and traditional tattoo art styles. Makes for an interesting and different look that many like and many don’t with very few people falling in the middle it seems.

Anyways, rather than talk about the art I shall talk about the act.
I have no idea how many threesomes with two women I have been in.
Don’t even have a good estimate of how many different girls I have participated in the act with. It is in the hundreds I know.
As for how many times I have watched (or been around) two or more girls having sex together… thousands.
I am including my adult industry years in that.

So, does it turn me on to watch girls having sex together?
Neither does nudity in general.
My whole life it has been wasted on me. It does nothing.
When I am in a position of watching I am basically just waiting for my signal to join.
Girl on girl sex shows ain’t my bag.
Unless… there are certain acts going on.
This is one of them.
I love watching the scissoring, grinding, pussy rubbing.
I don’t know why.
It turns me on though.
It makes me randy.

The problem is though that it seldom happens.
Sure, I’ve met a few girls who get it going regularly, but most don’t. Not ever!
I don’t suggest it myself because I like things to flow natural, but for some reason this particular thing don’t flow.
I’ve never seen my wife do it example. She isn’t the type to instigate anything either. It would need be the other girl.

Result = I don’t get my visual feast.

Some would say “ask for it.”
I however can’t ask for something like that because it ruins it.
Natural sex however it comes about is how I dig it.
Girls that try to give me the fake lesbian sex show type act actually bug me a bit. Don’t play at the show… enjoy.
I’m gonna dig it if you do. I ain’t gonna dig it if it isn’t real.

Posted April 25, 2013 by Inferno in My Peculiar Paintings