Go on – A Poem

Go on ~

How can I go on without you,

when everything I have ever done,
everything I have ever thought,
everything I have ever wanted,
every thing I planned to do,
was for you?

How can I forget you,

when all my dreams,
all my hopes,
all my faith,
all my love,
was for you?

Did I ever create a thing,

without you in mind?
Without your approval in the back of my mind?
without thinking about what you would want?
Without comparing it to you?
for you?

Only you have been my muse,

my true inspiration,
my semblance of willpower,
my essential audience,
my reason.

So none can replace you it seems,

You are still my muse,
my secret audience,
my passion and obsession.
My deepest pain,
My strongest hate,
my most intense regret,
my greatest loss.
my vital beloved.


I wrote this poem a long time ago.
I go on it seems, but I have never been the same.

Posted September 6, 2011 by Inferno in Bardic Reflection

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