This thing don’t swing!

My wife loves reviewing sex toys, and she has got some fabulous ones from Edenfantasys over the last few months.
So when Edenfantasys offered her one of PipeDream’s sex swings for a review product she got excited.

It is called the Fetish Fantasy Series Door swing.

This is her being excited.
Fetish Fantasy Series Door Swing

We pulled the thing out of the box and looked at how it worked.
“Is this what you asked for?” I said.
We looked it over and to sum it up she said “Fuck!”

She hadn’t read the product description very well.
She had just seen the picture on the front and the words “sex swing” and “door,” so figured it would swing in a doorway.

Still, this thing might be cool.
I wouldn’t call it a swing at all myself, and think the name of the product is rather misleading.
I would consider this to be more of a door suspension device.

So, I hung the Fetish Fantasy Series Door Swing ‘suspension device’ from the door.
The thing really is easy to hang.
All you do is stick the little the support bars through the straps, toss the bars over the top of the door, and close the door.
Takes seconds, and is super simple.

The straps are adjustable, so you can make this work for you no matter what your height, and change it up for different positions.

The box says it can support three hundred pounds.
I am sure the straps can handle that, but can your door?
Also… who would be comfortable with the thin straps if they carried such weight?

Anyways, we got all set up, and I helped my wife into the suspension device.
It was a laughing situation because it wasn’t super easy.
She is a bit bottom heavy, and I personally had fun helping her into the swing.
Once in the device she felt not very secure, and not comfortable at all.
She had to strain a bit to keep positions.
Before we even got started she ended up working up a sweat.
Her take on this swing that doesn’t swing is that it is a complete fail.

Using The Fetish Fantasy Series Door Swing

As a sex swing I too would say the Fetish Fantasy Door Swing  is a fail, but… as a fun prop for light bondage games, and for role-play situations I think this thing could rock.
Hang your partner against the door and have fun.
There are tons of positions you can put them in, and if a bit of costuming was added… “Woo Hoo!”
For comforts sake though, I would consider this only for people whose partners are on the lighter end of the weight scale.

The straps are not wide enough for long comfortable play if you are not a feather weight.
I got in the thing, and I can say that from experience.
Also, you are dealing with the strength of your door hinges.
How much weight can they support?
Yes… this is a product best suited for smaller than average people.

Here is a picture of the actual straps
Fetish Fantasy Series straps

Just for the record… The straps are made of Neoprene and Nylon.
The adjustment buckles and the tubes you flip over the the door are are hard acrylic.
It is all easy to clean if you get messy with food play or any other fun stuff you decide to do.

If this suspension device sounds like it is for you, the Fetish Fantasy Series Door swing can be found HERE at Edenfantasys.

Thank you to Edenfantasys for sending another fun product. Not on my wife’s to do list, but I have a special girlie friend who I know will love it.

I also think it would be a great thing to toss in your back seat when headed out to a swinging house party. I wouldn’t go walking in with it, but if it could be brought up in conversation… I can see it becoming a big hit at the party, with many a sexy lady wanting to give it a try.

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