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One more martini is to many

Everyone has their limit when it comes to the booze.

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Improvements on LL

As most of you who read my blog know, LL is hands down our favorite swingers site. (Yes I know the lifestyle is the socially correct lingo) Anyways… all sites could use some improvements as none are perfect. Lifestyle Lounge has been doing a lot of that this year. Most improvements haven’t been anything I […]

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A special sort of kiss

This is a bit more on the realistic side than I had planned when I started it. Sometimes I geek out on form, sometimes colors, sometimes perspective, and sometimes it is the composition. Every once and a great while I get a tad wrapped up in picking away at something though, and this was one […]

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Girl Time Artsy Giveaway

I do a lot of studies. Most go in the trash. Some I keep. Some become starting points for other projects. Often I stash them away and find them years later. Sometimes people talk me into selling them. My latest thing is to give some of them away. This is the one I am giving […]

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A goddess would have pubes

I just framed this up and sent it off to Dirty Show 14, which is an annual erotic art show held in Detroit. The title is Demeter in the view of mortals. It was inspired from a story about the roman goddess Demeter who is the goddess of the hearth and its fire whose flame […]

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Pictures in the dark

So the other night… Pffft, the pictures give enough of a hint about that. Modern digital cameras are some amazing things. While looking at a few pictures I recently took (the ones I used to make the odd collage type deal above) I got to thinking how cool it was to be able and just […]

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Why lesbian themed erotic art

Twice in one week I have had a strange topic of conversation arise because of a certain theme that flows through much of my erotic art. The first was a simple question put to me of why I do so much art with a girl on girl theme. This question came from a male who […]

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How long should intercourse last?

We are all different in what we like and how we function. When it comes to sex that is as true of a statement as can be made. Yet… we are also all kinda the same. People often post little polls in the forums on Lifestyle Lounge. I recently saw this one on how long […]

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Happy Birthday Slut

I am probably the only artist in the world who would get a commission to make a birthday card like this.   As for the post title… Inside the card it said “Happy Birthday Slut!” Then there was a small illustration of a cake with a penis candle (I may re-create that larger for another card) and the words “Hope […]

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Tease Me Till I Beg!

    I don’t think anything else needs be said here.  

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