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In the world of dreams

Dreams are odd things. People have debated the reasons we dream since the beginning of man. They have also debated what dreams even are. Nobody really knows. Those that say they do are really just holding onto a theory so tight they view it as fact. I go through stages of remembering my dreams vividly […]

Wicked Women

Some guys like a girl who does whatever he says. Soft spoken, sweet, kind, cuddly little creatures who need their hero of a prince to make them whole. Me however… I like women who know what they want. Give me a gal with attitude, add in a dash of bitchy, just a pinch of cruelty […]

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Wet Dreams

“A nocturnal emission involves either ejaculation during sleep for a male, or lubrication of the vagina for a female.It is also called a wet dream, and is sometimes considered a type of spontaneous orgasm.” I grabbed that from the Nocturnal emission wiki on Wikipedia. I have had 2 of those in my life. Once was […]

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Kiss me now – No Way!

So this guy gives me a sob story about how him and his girlfriend broke up recently. It all started with a little sex fight that escalated into world war 3 for them. It seems that his girlfriend had just got done sucking his cock and then took offense that he would not kiss her […]

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The Double BJ

What’s your favorite sexual act / situation? I’m not talking about fantasy land. I’m talking the for real deal. I’m talking about what you NEED. What do you dig that really gets you going on a regular basis? For me… It is a double blowjob. It is a visual and mental thing. It is hot […]

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This little painting was just a go with the flow type of thing. I was thinking a bit about nature, earth, sexuality, dryads, nymphs, etc… There is a bit of an earth mother feel to it. She is sexual, lust inducing, and slightly scary. She both springs from the earth and is a separate entity […]


Fluffer Mostly known for keeping the male talent in working order between scenes in sexy film work by use of the mouth on a cock. The job is usually much more than that though. I used to like having “helpers” that served such functions at need, along with moving lights, props, getting beverages, cleaning up […]

Three is a show

What, oh what, oh what do you see? Is it? Could it be? Yes it is three. I just know you all love my weird way of screwing with pictures before I post them. ;)- Are you able to even figure out what is going on in the pic? Three for me is… one to […]

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Through a straw

The prettiest girl I ever saw Was sippin’ bourbon Through a straw I walked right up and sat right down  and bought that girl another round I put my hand upon her knee she said young man your teasing me. I put  my hand upon her thigh she said young man your much to shy. […]

Valentine Lust

Note: This is a Re-post from February 13, 2011 because so many people linked to it and enjoyed the post I saved it when I deleted my blog last year. Valentine Lust Valentine Lust A strange holiday indeed. For me it is a reason for romance, love, lust, and the color red. I like a holiday that is […]

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