Candy Cane Reflections, Christmas Stockings, hard working reindeer, and Odin’s horse..

It has been said that the tradition of Christmas stockings started in Holland during the 16th century. Kids who had not been naughty would leave clogs filled with hay near the fireplace for Santa’s reindeer. The kind and Gracious Santa would leave behind treats for these thoughtful children. Eventually people began using stockings instead and in the self centered way of humans stopped leaving anything for those heard working reindeer.

The tradition of stocking has changed soooo much.
My wife gets a stocking, and so do I. We certainly are not children, and I have never put hay in a clog for reindeer.

My wife even gets two stockings. One by the tree and one in the bedroom. In the bedroom stocking I put the naughty stuff. (Yes, I am Santa. The secret is out)
Since we have been reviewing sex toys the last couple years I have had to change up what those items in her stocking are though. I used to always put in a nice little vibe or tasty lotion, but since we get a bunch of these things each month it makes for a useless present.

Still, sometimes I think… “That would have been perfect!”

This is one of those.

reflections glass candy cane vibrator for christmas

The Doc Johnson Reflections Glass Candy Cane!
This candy cane shaped, red on white striped G spot vibrator made by Doc Johnson was sent to us from Edenfantasys sex toys to review.
Talk about a perfect stocking stuffer!
The Reflections Candy Cane is made of Borosilate glass (Pyrex) so is smooth, easy to clean, and holds temperatures well.
When I mention the temperature thing what I am talking about is that you can put the end of it in a glass of Ice water by the bedside before play time (or warm water) and it will hold the temperature. Temperature play can be very fun. If you have never engaged in it I suggest you give a it a try.
With a vibe like this I recommend the ice water because this little Candy Cane is a perfect helper for some oral sex on your favorite lady friend.
If you are a guy and reading this just think of ice cubes and hot water blow jobs plus vibrations and some texture play.
Yes… She will dig it.

Back to the Candy Cane.
It is smooth, easy to clean, waterproof, transfers vibrations very well, and according to my wife has a great curve for shallow G-spot stimulation.

The red stripes looked very delicate to me when I first checked this toy out and played the ice water plus oral sex game, but they are not. The ridges give a lot of texture on the otherwise extremely smooth toy.
It isn’t a very big toy (just six and a half inches in total length) so it is also good if your oral ice water play turn into some F’n. It is small enough that you can easily use it as a clitoral vibe while doing the horizontal mambo. (I just had an urge to say that)

So my opinion of the Reflections Glass Candy Cane is that it is a dang nice toy even without being just PERFECT for a fun and spicy gift.
Since it is just perfect I am giving it my wholehearted recommendation as a perfect stocking stuffer for your special someone.

Get it here!
Reflections candy cane - G-spot vibrators - EdenFantasys
The Reflections Glass Candy Cane – a perfect sexy stocking stuffer

A bit more about clogs, stockings, and tradition:
The story I told about tradition of Christmas stockings starting in Holland during the 16th century is just one of many. Hundreds even. Nobody is in perfect agreement as the true origins are mostly lost, but there does exist some almost for sure stuff.
Take Christmas out of the story and go back a bit farther and we find a tradition where children would placed their boots, filled with tubers, straw, or sugar, near the chimney for Odin’s flying horse, Sleipnir, to eat. Odin in turn would would reward those children for their kindness by replacing Sleipnir’s food with gifts or sweet stuff.
After Christianity swept through the cold lands of Odin the practice continued, but became associated with Saint Nicholas rather than Odin, and poor old Sleipnir was replaced with flying reindeer which originally had no name.
The most commonly told story about why people started hanging stockings is actually one about a nobleman who became widowed and spent all his money before his daughters got married off. Without dowries his daughters would have been left without husbands.
Saint Nicholas (good chap the he is known to be) was peeking in their window (it never really mentions why, but I find it kinda pervy myself) and found all the girls had went to bed.
Since he didn’t want to get caught in the house (that is my guess) he climbed up on the roof and dropped three bags of gold down the chimney. Each bag landed in a sock.

That is the oldest version of the tail. There are about a thousand and one variations of it with most not making Nick out as a peeping Tom, and often it is a golden ball or apple instead of a bag of gold.
It is though… in essence, the same story.

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