The sexiest blogs of 2010 – Always worth a read list

The sexiest blogs of 2010

This is it boys and girls…

Sexxiest blogs of 2010

As promised I deliver unto you the official sexy blog list of 2010.
I’m calling it my always worth a read list.
Sexuality, polyamory, swinging, stories, sexy humor, erotica and life in general.
These are the blogs that have consistently kept putting out posts worth reading.

40 blogs have made the list.

Obviously they are not in order of best to worst as it is impossible to number such blogs of various subjects. These are all great blogs in one way or another and offer up some sexy mind food.


aag  – Funny, sexy, informative and personal. A blog with attitude!

ABC’s of Swinging – Take a look at the swinging lifestyle via a personal account. You will find a lot of interesting tidbits and food for thought on this blog.

A Dust Bunny In The Wind – A personal style blog covering all kinds of things from daily life and random thoughts to sex toy reviews.

A Poly Life – The blog of a poly minded kinky gal.

Between my sheets – A journal style blog of a sexy nature that also features advice, reviews, and writings of erotica.

champagne and benzedrine – Erotica, opinions, news all done up in a sexy personal style. Extra kudos for the writing style on this sexy blog.

Coy Pink – One of the “prettiest” journal style sexy blogs on the internet. Not updated as much as I’d like, but this blog makes up for it with it’s prettiness and some very well done photo sets.

Dick – n – Jane – A lot of advice, sex education, and personal thoughts and experiences.

Exploits of Lexi – The blog of a twenty something redhead with a lot of sexy stories to tell.

GentleNibbles – Lifestyle advice, information, and experiences from a Texas couple.

Ginger N The Professor – The adventures and perspectives of castaways from the sexually-repressed culture. (I copied that from their blog header because I liked it)

Having my cake & Eating it too – A journal styled blog with a sexy flavour.

Hornynecouple -The blog of a couple exploring their kinky side and sharing in on the internet.

Househo’s Joy Fuck Club – Journal styled blog filled with thoughts and experiences by a woman with an open mind and relationship.

Hubmans’s Hangout – Journal styled blog of mostly daily life with lots of images by a guy who happens to swing.

Ivey Lane – “the inner voice of a not-so-average woman” (took that from her site) This is another great journal styled blog that covers many subjects.

Jenny Swallows – Sexy writings and juicy thoughts with a bit of humor can be found at this blog.

Library Vixen – Librarian by day. Vixen always. A great blog with sexy thoughts and erotic writings.

Love and Lust – Sex + art + porn + gibberish (taken from site) is a fitting description for what you may find on this blog.

Maxine’s Journal (livejournal) – Bisexual, polyamorous, a BDSM switch,  radical agnostic, artsy chick (amongst other things) with a lot of stuff to say that is worth reading.

New York Swingers – A couple explores  the New York swingers scene and writes about it on this blog.

Not Your Mothers Playground  – The focus is on open relationships, but this blog covers whatever the writer is thinking about at any given time. Well written and often thought provoking.

One Big Holiday  – This blog is pretty random and humorous postings make up the bulk of what you will find.

Open Marriage Life – The blog of a polyamorous sex educator who doesn’t like bare feet, but does like reality tv. She calls herself the Dick Diva!

Our Open Marriage Adventures – The title of the blog tells you for the most part what you are going to find at this blog.

Oversexed Librarian  – Erotica in words and images.

Polyamory from the inside out – The writer of this blog shares her knowledge and experiences in polyamory.

Poly Weekly (podcast) – A podcast devoted to tales from the front of responsible non-monogamy from a pansexual, kink-friendly point of view. (Took that description from the site)

Sapio Slut – Journal style blog with a focus on sex, polyamory and BDSM.

Sensual n Secret – Writings, readings, and thoughts of an erotic  and ofttimes romantic nature.

Sex Babble  – Lola likes to talk about sex!

Sin and Seduction’s – Lovers who are married, but not to each other.

Steve and Vic Swing – A swinging couple shares adventures , thoughts, and opinions.

The Beautiful Kind – Stories, advice, ideas, and general naughtiness from an open minded and sexually stimulating perspective.

The Collection – An eclectic  group of friends that share an  interests in polyamory and alternative lifestyles share their stories.

The Eternal List – A little bit of everything, but you have got to click the pictures.

The Passionate Wife – She tries to be good… but sometimes she isn’t.

The Road Taken – A group of friends discovering love inpluricity. (Description taken from the site)

Thoughts from a Mystic Satyr – A journal styles blog filled with randomness, but focusing on the more sexual and erotic side of life.

Violet Blue – The blog of a very outspoken sex educator and author. This blog is a virtual smorgasbord of all things sexual.

~ If your blog is on this list you can feel free to place the funky little award icon on your site or if you are not into such things then don’t.
(took all of ten minutes to make)
The same goes for linking back to this page or my site in general.
(Cool if you do and cool if you don’t)

Your blog speaks for itself and that’s why I listed it here.

If you have or know of a sexy blog and think it should be on this list please DON’T submit it to me.
I find the blogs I read through:

  1. Comments on my own blogs
  2. My stats pages by seeing who is linking to me
  3. Comments left on posts I like on other blogs
  4. Link  lists on other blogs
  5. Social networks I participate in

If I find a great blog I start reading it. If posts stay regular and the subjects stay interesting I keep going back. It’s that simple.

I would also like to give a mention to The Swingers Attic. My wife and I run the site and it has so far been a lot of fun. Check it out and feel free to leave comments , offer advice on questions if your in the lifestyle, or even ask a question yourself.

I hope you all have found some new and interesting blog reads.

sexiest blogs of 2010

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