Imagine what is done

The quickening of my heartbeat at your faintest touch;
evidence you are more to me than any others I have ever known.
My heart has never beat this fast for someone;
not for love, nor hate, or both.
The flutter in my stomach when you speak my name;
attests that you’re affecting me unlike any others I’ve encountered.
A faint tickle which grows to a warm buzzing—
redolent to busy bumble bees in spring.
This is your impact at the merest touch;
the disruption to my composure from your smallest attentions.
Imagine you then what is done to me when we make love.

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One more martini is to many

To many martinis makes for a bad night

Everyone has their limit when it comes to the booze.

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She is the goddess of the dawn.
In mythology she renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun.
I always think of the early dawn as a time of reflection concerning the last nights happenings.
Goddess Aurora painting

From Virgil’s Aeneid:
Aurora now had left her saffron bed,
And beams of early light the heav’ns o’erspread,
When, from a tow’r, the queen, with wakeful eyes,
Saw day point upward from the rosy skies.

The title of this painting is “To have lain with Aurora.”
Prints are available via Fine Art America.

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The Switch Mistress

The Switch Mistress
Kinda a tattooish pinup styled switch.

Made some case cover versions, t shirts, etc… that people can get on Society6

The Switch Mistress Case

My reason for this?
I have no clue. Maybe I was just feeling blue.
I’ve known such gals. Bad-ass, bossy, dominant chicks that can force or coerce a week willed plaything into doing any dang thing they wish, but at the drop of a hat can switch to a submissive role and revel in being dominated.
Fun memories are made with such gals.

I’d actually very much enjoy being taken control of right now.
Haven’t been in sexy fun mode much of late. (as is probably obvious by my lack of blog postings)
Maybe all I need is a libido jump start.
Maybe if it was forced on me.
Maybe if someone extra special naughty got my motor revved up it would keep running all on it’s own.
Since I am outa the game and just hanging out wondering what happened to my mojo though it is very doubtful I will find such a gal.
Boredom and lack of libido breeds more boredom and lack of libido.
Horny level for 2012/2013 so far is teetering between level 0 and level 1 at best.
Until 2012 it pretty much always ran around a 9 or 10 and if it dropped to a 7 (with 5 being the average joe) I’d usually start to worry.

Are you out there kinky wild girl with mojo/libido jumper cables?
Ya, didn’t think so.

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My Kinda Fireworks

swinging artwork painting

A fun painting by yours truly… I titled it Spectacular.
It really has nothing to do with the fourth, but the fireworks make it kinda relevant for an almost fourth of July blog post.

For those of you who partake in the lifestyle (aka swinging) you know how hard it is to find that 100% across the board perfect click with another couple.
Many say it is even impossible.
It isn’t though, but it is rare.
Heck… even two people hitting it off perfectly is rare.

Just figure it like this… there are 10000 possible combinations for locks if using 4 digits.
Compare that to 100 possibles with two digits.
Now imagine all those possibilities have the ability to affect each other through personalities, beliefs, etc… It is amazing anybody can get together at all.

people do though, and when the combination opens the lock of passion it is good.
Fireworks will go off.
It will be a night to remember.
It will be spectacular.

Anywho.. hope ya dig the artwork.
Have a great Fourth Of July.

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Double dipped Sizzles

I do these artsy fun things I call SIZZLES which many of you know about, but I rarely do two from the same original artwork.
Shouldn’t even say rarely. This is the first time I have.

Double dipping the sizzles number 1
Double dipping the sizzles number 2

Couldn’t help it. I was having fun messing around with them and they both came out so sexy.
You can check them out bigger in my SIZZLES section on Imagekind.
You can also find the watercolor and ink I did originally (if you so desire) in my concupiscence section on the same site.

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Not sure if I have ever shown any of my paintings in this style before here on Red Region Inferno.
Don’t think I have, but guess it ain’t important anyway.

Here it is…

I call it “GRIND”

Prints of this painting can be had HERE.

It is a blend of pop, cubism, and traditional tattoo art styles. Makes for an interesting and different look that many like and many don’t with very few people falling in the middle it seems.

Anyways, rather than talk about the art I shall talk about the act.
I have no idea how many threesomes with two women I have been in.
Don’t even have a good estimate of how many different girls I have participated in the act with. It is in the hundreds I know.
As for how many times I have watched (or been around) two or more girls having sex together… thousands.
I am including my adult industry years in that.

So, does it turn me on to watch girls having sex together?
Neither does nudity in general.
My whole life it has been wasted on me. It does nothing.
When I am in a position of watching I am basically just waiting for my signal to join.
Girl on girl sex shows ain’t my bag.
Unless… there are certain acts going on.
This is one of them.
I love watching the scissoring, grinding, pussy rubbing.
I don’t know why.
It turns me on though.
It makes me randy.

The problem is though that it seldom happens.
Sure, I’ve met a few girls who get it going regularly, but most don’t. Not ever!
I don’t suggest it myself because I like things to flow natural, but for some reason this particular thing don’t flow.
I’ve never seen my wife do it example. She isn’t the type to instigate anything either. It would need be the other girl.

Result = I don’t get my visual feast.

Some would say “ask for it.”
I however can’t ask for something like that because it ruins it.
Natural sex however it comes about is how I dig it.
Girls that try to give me the fake lesbian sex show type act actually bug me a bit. Don’t play at the show… enjoy.
I’m gonna dig it if you do. I ain’t gonna dig it if it isn’t real.

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In the world of dreams

Dreams are odd things.
People have debated the reasons we dream since the beginning of man. They have also debated what dreams even are.
Nobody really knows. Those that say they do are really just holding onto a theory so tight they view it as fact.

I go through stages of remembering my dreams vividly to not even knowing what I dreamed about.
I have nightmares off and on too.

Mostly though I dream about sexual scenarios.
The reason I say scenarios is because it is most often about the when, why, how of a situation rather than sex itself.
The things said before, the feelings, emotions, and places are bigger in the dream than the sexual act itself.
The who of such dreams has changed over the years, but rarely has it been random people.
It is usually just one or two women that I dream of successively night after night for months.

My own theory is that dreams are as real as our waking world.
I think dreams are shared sometimes too.
Maybe these scenarios are happening for her as well as me in the world of dreams.
Maybe we meet there for these adventures.

I figure since most people have multiple dreams per night, but only remember scattered bits of one or two it is possible the other person involved wouldn’t remember it or maybe would remember it differently.

I also figure that time in the waking world flows differently than in the dream world so though it seems I met with the lovely girl last night and walked hand in hand with her, she may not have that dream for months to come as far as her conscious waking self will know.

I also believe we partially control these dreams we have.
The control is shared, but perspectives are relevant to the one experiencing it.

In my dream we met in a summer meadow and you had on a white flowing dress.
In your dream it was spring in a park and had on green.
Maybe I dreamt your lips so sweet I said they tasted of honey, but you dreamt I said sugary sweet.

We can be and say anything in our dreams.
There is no limits because it all comes from our minds.

When we enter the world of dreams we all enter naked.

We then clothe ourselves in our desires.

Here is a bit of art.
I call it “Dream Walker.”
In the world of dreams
You can get prints of this HERE via

May your dreams be beautiful.

Improvements on LL

As most of you who read my blog know, LL is hands down our favorite swingers site.
(Yes I know the lifestyle is the socially correct lingo)
Anyways… all sites could use some improvements as none are perfect.
Lifestyle Lounge has been doing a lot of that this year.
Most improvements haven’t been anything I cared much about though.
Today’s was awesome though.

One of the buggers with the site. (all swingers sites have buggers about them) was that if you had private galleries filled with naughty pics you could only share them with Real Sealed members.
It was for protection I suppose, but it made it so if you wanted to send your naughty pics to a freebie non certified real couple you had to do so via emails.
To much of a hassle for me. I’m lazy that way.
Now however (as of today) we certified real members (paid up or not I believe) are able to share with anybody we like on the site.
That is how it always shoulda been in my mind.
So… KUDOS to LL for a good change in the rules.

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Blow My Whistle

Blow My Whistle Rock Me Little dove

The actual title for this sexy artwork is “Intensity.”
It is watercolors on paper.
The wording I added for this post is from a a song called “little dove” by Faster Pussycat.
Faster Pussycat was a successful hair/glam/hard rock band back in the 80’s and early 90’s.
They still exist, but don’t have the fame they once had.
This particular song was off of their 1989 album called Wake Me When It’s Over.
These are the lyrics:

I’m your door to door lover
I’m your cyclone pacifier
I’m your cheap trick honey
And my baby’s my bionic liar
I don’t bleed cause the gasoline
That flows right through my veins
I’m a motor at heart
And if I don’t start
I get pissed off just the same
Your high heeled river of love
Is drippin down your thighs
It seems like my lover’s
Finally satisfied
Blow my whistle, rock me little dove
Rock my missile, blow me little dove
She’s a super sex junkie for money
Sometimes she does it for fame
She prefers cash to a hot seat on the dating game
I’d like to seize ya, I’d like to please ya
By customizing your frame
With the oil of lover, that some keep in a glove
But I just let it spray
Your high heeled river of love
Is drippin down your thighs
It seems like my lover’s
Finally satisfied
Blow my whistle, rock me little dove
Rock my missile, blow me little dove
Your high heeled river of love
Is drippin down your thighs
It seems like my lover’s
Finally satisfied
Blow my whistle, rock me little dove
Rock my missile, blow me little dove