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Me n her

6 Nov

I call this “one of those moments.”
I painted it with watercolor washes over pen and ink.
It is me and a girl I know.

watercolor over ink work self figurative portrait

Prints of this artwork may be had on Imagekind in my concupiscence section, or via my profile on Fine Art America.

Up Against The Wall

24 Apr

Up against the wall…

It happens now and then outside of certain establishments.

This is a rough sketch I did that I have decided to do a painting from.

Not much idea how I shall handle it, but I am thinking fast and sloppy… like it should be.

Up against the wall threesome sex sketch


Lesbian sex sketch and labels.

26 Feb

I am married to a bisexual gal.
Not a gal who plays with girls just for fun, but a full blown bisexual. Attraction, social, mental, emotional, etc…
We are poly/swingers kinda sorta. I don’t sometimes know how to define what we are, but we all need labels in this world to help others identify and relate.
Most often I have been self labeling as a libertine, but that is something most don’t get/understand either.

Anyways, lesbian sex, bisexual sex, bi-playful sex, bi-curious sex, drunken straight girls putting on a show. Combinations of any of those variations… you’d think the visuals are all the same, but they really aren’t.
It is the how, why, when, with who that makes it so different.
Lust, intimacy, self gratification… oh how it changes things.

Erotic girls lesbian sex ink sketch

Click image for a larger and higher quality version

I have witnessed tentative love making between women. I’ve watched girls that claim to be full blown dykes shy from eating pussy. I have seen swinger chicks who consider it 100% physical screw each other until sweat poured from their bodies. I seen hunger in the eyes and fear of the unknown.
It can be so natural, and it can be so awkward.

For all though… it is an experience.

Watching the interactions of all these different sorts of gals who have sex with other gals has taught me one weird thing though.
The truly bi girl is often looked at oddly.
Lesbians have claimed that she must really be a lesbian.
Bi-playfull (who usually call themselves bisexual) claim that she couldn’t really have a relationship with “Just a girl.”
Swinger males are sometimes afraid after they figure it out. It is like a hen turned into a rooster that may take away their own hen through converting them.
So weird to me.
Especially the lesbians that don’t believe in bisexuals truly being bisexuals.
It is like reverse homophobia in a way. I sometimes think lesbians who talk like that are secretly bisexual and fear that they are straight.
Can’t know though though, so I just watch and let myself be amused.

Showing placement on paper of  ink sketch

This is how the sketch sits on the paper. It is 12″ wide x 9″ high.