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Me n her

6 Nov

I call this “one of those moments.”
I painted it with watercolor washes over pen and ink.
It is me and a girl I know.

watercolor over ink work self figurative portrait

Prints of this artwork may be had on Imagekind in my concupiscence section, or via my profile on Fine Art America.

Couples, lust, love, and Valentine’s Day

13 Feb

Valentine’s day is tomorrow.
A day of joy for some, stress for others, sadness for many.
New romances filled with lust prosper on this day. It is grand.
Old romances which have now become mundane life may celebrate or not. Some out of duty, some as an excuse for a night out or maybe even their only night of romance besides say an anniversary.
Yup, V day my wife calls it.
We don’t get to excited ourselves.
The idea of it though is sweet. I used to love Valentine’s day. It’s my wife who cares not so much about it, and that in turn made me lose interest.

It is in my mind a day to celebrate lust more than love.
Love endures and lust ignites.
Passion of the physical sort is more based on lust.
They are though inextricably intertwined.

Erotic couple ink sketch

Click image for a larger and higher quality view

Romantic attraction and feelings of lust elevate our dopamine and serotonin levels, which causes feelings of elation and loss of appetite. When we get to the point of real love and long term attachment our bodies generate more oxytocin. Happiness of a different sort. Bonding.

The two are very hard to differentiate in the mind however for people feeling these things.
Lust lowers over time and we don’t get those chemical boosts, but we still feel a desire to be with the person.
We think our flame has died sometimes, but the real deal is that you are missing the happy jazz you up hormones that non committed lust can give. It is like a drug addict who has conquered their habit, but always craves the high.

Do I have a point to any of this babble?
Just thinking and typing.

However you celebrate or not your Valentine’s day though you may find this of interest (unless your Catholic because it would already be known to you)

Valentin’e day was originally created to honor to honor St. Valentine.
There actually existed three people by that name who all happened to be martyred in the month of February.
Bad month for people with that name I guess.
The particular one most people think the day is about was from the 3rd century AD and was killed on February 4, 270.
It was in 1537 that St. Valentine’s day was declared an official holiday by England’s King Henry VIII.
Yep, the King who is most known for getting rid of wives and his role in the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church is the guy who gave the world Valentine’s Day as a holiday.
It was until then a strictly Catholic observance.
It is NOT an official catholic day of observance anymore though. In 1969 Pope Paul VI took it from the calender.

erotic couple sketch placement on paper example

This second image is to show how the sketch landed on the paper.
It is a 9″ x 12″ white 60 lb smooth paper. I used a regular ball point pen with archival ink.

About the sketch in general… I originally doodled this up while drinking my morning coffee and thinking about lovie-dovie type stuff. It had nothing to do with Valentine’s day, but I thought the image fit the idea so used it for this rambling post about love, lust, brain chemistry, and Valentine’s Day.