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Me n her

6 Nov

I call this “one of those moments.”
I painted it with watercolor washes over pen and ink.
It is me and a girl I know.

watercolor over ink work self figurative portrait

Prints of this artwork may be had on Imagekind in my concupiscence section, or via my profile on Fine Art America.

Sacrificed & Take 2

5 Sep

When I deleted my blog back in Sept of 2011 it left a lot of blank spots for new readers that came along.
For example I re-posted a painting called Sacrifice of a soul mate and make reference to a sketch.
This is the sketch.
I called it Sacrificed.

sacrificed sketch for a painting

I decided this was a perfect first post for Take 2.
This drawing was created at the turning point in my life that separates what I consider my first life and my second life.
That is not what Take 2 is really about, but still… it seemed fitting.