Glitter Glam Triple Play

26 Apr

We get sent a lot of sex toys for my wife to check out by various companies, but for some reason we have NEVER been sent a triple tip rabbit style vibe before.
We have also never purchased one, or run into one at a party or friends house.
My wife has always wanted one, so when she opened the package this last month that we recieved from Cal Exotics she was pretty darn happy to find this toy.
Glitter Glam

It is the Glitter Glam™ Triple Play.

Glitter Glam Triple Vibe

Here is how the company describes the vibe on their site:
Triple motors for triple orgasmic bliss
Intensely powerful triple motors with over 200 patterns of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
Intensely powerful vibrating pulsating bunny
Flexible, graduated vibrating tail with a micro-powered exciter
3 rows of non-jamming rotating pleasure beads
8 levels of rotation
8 levels of powerful vibration
3 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation for all 3 motors
Automatic on/off button
EZ touch controls with LED lights
EZ load battery pack
3 AA batteries
TPR (vibrator) ABS (controller, beads)
5.5” x 1.5”/14 cm x 3.75 cm (shaft)
2.25” x 1”/5.75 cm x 2.5 cm (bunny)
2” x .75”/5 cm x 2 cm (tail)

You can also see the back of the package here to see listed features.

Glitter Glam Triple Pleaser Vibrator

So… did it rock?
It certainly did.
Since she had always wanted one of these she didn’t wait for me to be around to use it the first time, but said it was fantastic.
She loves all her bits being stimulated and she loves penetration too… so how could it not.

Since she did dig it I offered to help her out with it again.
My Take…
The thing is medium loud, which is about what I expected. Great, but not if the kids are running around the house. Save it for night time or when your kids are at school (or wherever)
The power was good. It has more than enough power in the shaft and the ticklers to do the trick.
The rotating beads seemed to be especially enjoyed.
I suck with controls, but a bit of playing around and I had it down.
The rabbit ear clit tickler seemed about perfect in the soft level to buzz her clit while i was using this toy on her, but I wished the anal teaser was a tad more firm.
The teaser was just slightly more bendy than I liked for getting a bit of penetration on her anus without paying a huge amount of attention to it. I also kinda wished it was a tiny bit longer, but that is more of a person thing because my wife likes anal penetration… and i know many women would prefer just the tiny tease of it.
After use (and some sex for me) it was my job to clean it up.
It cleans up easy, as its completely waterproof.
I just suds soaked it and washed it down. It ran perfect afterwards. I must say I was lucky because I hadn’t actually read the box yet so didn’t know for sure if it was waterproof.

Other notes:
It looks fancy. Both myself and the wife enjoyed the appearance.
We used older batteries in it and it lasted out three long play sessions. That is good , as often these multi-motor things eat up batteries. This one didn’t seem to do so.
Besides the purple shown here… It comes in pink.

I think as far as rabbit styled vibes go this is a dandy, and that extra little anal tickle probe thing lifted my wife’s opinion of it very high.

I also think this would be perfect for people who are just starting with vibes as it gets all the bits, but doesn’t actually intrude on the back door.
For my wife that made her want a bit more, but for many women that would be just perfect.

The Glitter Glam™ Triple Play = Another success from California Exotic Novelties.


Link To The Product with Specs On The Cal Exotic Site.

California Exotic Novelties Glitter Glam Triple Play on Amazon


Up Against The Wall

24 Apr

Up against the wall…

It happens now and then outside of certain establishments.

This is a rough sketch I did that I have decided to do a painting from.

Not much idea how I shall handle it, but I am thinking fast and sloppy… like it should be.

Up against the wall threesome sex sketch


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Booty Call Time

22 Mar

This is the Booty Call Booty Rocket.
It was sent to us from California Exotic Novelties to review.

Booty call booty vibe

I didn’t think it looked like much of anything special at first, but in action it is a grand little booty vibe.
Testing consisted of me getting it all ready to go (washing it, putting a AA battery in it, and checking that it worked) and then tossing it on the bed before the wife and I had our nookie time.
We didn’t use it for foreplay, but it would be good for that too because it is small and has some nice vibes.
Going about our normal business as usual… then I grabbed the toy and turned it on.
With her on her back and me sitting up (kinda missionary style I guess) I used in on her clit a bit. We went through the cycles and found one she liked enough to be just right.
After a nice pulsing/vibrating orgasm for her we went to doggy style.
I lubed it up with some Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant. I actually call it blossoms lube, but they have more than one product so I figured I should be specific.
It is my wife’s favorite all around lube so we have it readily available.
It isn’t mine, but mine is silicone based and since this is a silicone toy that would have been a bad idea. (silicone lube + silicone sex toys = bad times, ruined toys, lame situations)
Anyways… I lubed it up and started messing around teasing her bottom with it until she was ready.
It is small with a nice taper for easy entry. It slides right in.
The button is on the bottom so you still have easy control of the vibe patterns. I don’t like vibrations directly on my cock from toys much, but I love them through the vaginal wall.
The Booty Call vibe carried the vibes through very well.
This isn’t a plug, so keep a hold of it. If you don’t it can pop out.
It was the perfect size and shape for sex in this manor.
I liked it. My wife liked it. Win!


4.75” x 1.25”/12 cm x 3.25 cm
Soft and pliable vibrating Silicone probes
Ribbed or tapered for personalized pleasure
10 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
Push button control with LED light
Silicone (probe) ABS with PU Cote (cap) ABS with Silver Plating (décor ring)
1 AA battery

Oddly enough I couldn’t find it at Babeland, EdenFantasys, Good Vibes, or any other stores we regularly visit.
I expect it to show up in one soon though as it is a nice toy.
My wife found it on Amazon, but it didn’t even have a picture. WTF? It is a ghost toy. It is like it don’t exist. Hmm?
Here is the Amazon link.
California Exotic Novelties Booty Call Booty Rocket, Pink on Amazon

Final opinion. 5 Stars!