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Katrina speed sketch

20 Jan

So I’m sitting all chill like sipping my coffee and talking to a client about rough sketches vs refined sketches vs finished artwork and the time involvement.
He had just got done listening to me explain to another client why I would not “give” him a finished sketch for him to show his wife before he committed.

I offered to allow the guy to bring rough sketches to his wife, but he said she wouldn’t get it from those because they didn’t show any details.
I told him that they had taken me about 20 minutes to do and his finished design work had taken close to six hours.
I said I’d sell him the finished stuff for $600, but otherwise I wasn’t letting them out of my site.

After the guy left (slightly disgruntled over my ways, but very happy with my artwork) the discussion with the first client I had mentioned ensued.

What he was most amazed at was that I had drawn all the rough stuff in twenty minutes or so.
The Feb issue of Maxim magazine was sitting there on a table and he said “draw this chick fast.”
He was pointing to Cover Girl Katrina Bowden who is I must say… super hot.
I have never watched 30 rock, (I don’t watch TV) but I imagine she is part of it’s popularity.

Anyways… I grabbed a pen and said “Time me.”
I set the magazine in my lap and then with a black bic in hand said “GO!”
Stupid pen was about dead and started to scratch out on me almost at once so I grabbed another pen and scratched her out.
I finished and said “Done.”
The time was twenty one seconds.
We got to chatting about the chick (Katrina) and eventually got in to a discussion of how people age.
I asked for the magazine back and this time grabbed a mechanical pencil.
I said I wanted him to time me again and for him to tell me when to go.
“Go.” he said.
What seemed like five minutes later I said “done.”
Turned out it was ninety two seconds rather than five minutes.

Katrina Bowden Maxim cover fast sketch

I know the ink one is way closer to the cover girl than the pencil stuff, but I was going as fast as I could.
Sorry for not showing Katrina in all her hotness. I know her fans would not appreciate my sketching.
Probably even more so the cartoonish aging process I did will be disliked.
Please note that I would just love to have her come model for me and that if she did I would paint her in all her beautiful glory. (not happening I think)
Since I also know that not everyone has seen The Feb issue of Maxim… here is a link to the cover I was looking at while speed sketching.

Also I would like to note that the paper was just slightly off white and not as dark as the image shows.
I took a single pic with my cell phone (specifically because I wanted to make a post about speed sketching) and didn’t look at the image until I sat down to write this post.
As the image has no real purpose I didn’t feel it worth the time to Photoshop it white, and I can’t take another pic because the sketch got squished up and tossed in the trash.

About my ink sketches

12 Jan

My ink sketches are part therapeutic for me and part study for other art.
I often work from just thought, but also work from life models and sometimes photos.
I do take my own photos as most of you who follow my blog would already know.
Though I have an abundant supply of models I am always wanting more though because everyone is different and adds to the stew of my creativity.

These sketches take me just seconds.
The sketch below which is of my wife for example took maybe 10 seconds at most.
Some sketches I like, but most hit the trash can.

Miranda's face and about my ink sketches

I used to just sketch with anything on any bit of paper that was handy, but because one very nice soul went wacko for my pen and ink sketches and talked me into selling some I switched to using light fast, archival ink pens on acid free papers only.
I still however use whatever pens are handy… I just switched my purchasing habits to only buy pens of that sort.

The photo above was taken with my phone. Considering how much time is involved in the creation of the sketches I refuse to take the time to correct the color/lighting for posting on the web.
It is black ink on white paper.

I do crop the image for online posting to show how I would display it if I chose to mat and frame it.
The real sketches are NOT cropped, so along with each post I shall include the full view.

actual position of face on paper

Full View

This one was done on 9″ x 12″ white 50lb paper.

Sacrificed & Take 2

5 Sep

When I deleted my blog back in Sept of 2011 it left a lot of blank spots for new readers that came along.
For example I re-posted a painting called Sacrifice of a soul mate and make reference to a sketch.
This is the sketch.
I called it Sacrificed.

sacrificed sketch for a painting

I decided this was a perfect first post for Take 2.
This drawing was created at the turning point in my life that separates what I consider my first life and my second life.
That is not what Take 2 is really about, but still… it seemed fitting.