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On The Sexiest Blogs Of 2012

31 Dec

I included 40 blogs this year on my The sexiest blogs of 2012 – Always worth a read list.
It went down by 5 from my 2011 list of sexiest blogs.
Some of my favorites retired this year and a lot of my favorites cut back on posting to the point that I just didn’t feel right about listing them.
A couple of my favorites just don’t post enough “sexy stuff” anymore, but are still regular reads.

Sexy blogs come and go pretty fast, and it seems like many of the best bit the dust over the last couple years.
The good news on that though is that I had a full dozen blogs I wanted to list that I didn’t because they simply haven’t been around long enough.
I hope that next year they will still be chugging along so that I can include them.

I encourage everyone to visit all the blogs I have listed and see why I like them so much.
My tastes run eclectic, so I doubt you will like every blog I do, but I am sure you will find at least a few new reads that you can enjoy.

Every blog on the list has managed to stand out in one way or another among the large amount of blogs I keep on my personal reading list.
To give you an idea… My list of blogs that I have filed as including “sexy stuff” is currently at 312. These blogs currently hold the top 40 spots on that list because it is sorted by how often I check the blog.
Originality, writing styles, regular updates, attitude of the blogger, knowledge of the subject blogged about, and consistency all play big factors in making me want to check a blog for new posts on a regular basis.

Below I have included a bunch of fun buttons you can link to this list with if you are on it.
(or for that matter… just if you feel like sharing a list of great sexy blogs)


sexiest blogs of 2012


sexiest blogs of 2012


The Sexiest Blogs Of 2012


Sexiest Blogs 2012


2012 Sexiest Blogs List


The Top Sexiest Blogs Of 2012


Top 40 sexy blogs of 2012

So… we say farewell to 2012 & head into 2013.
I wish you all a fabulous new year.

Tiny Tattoo Pinup

23 Oct

I enjoy doing mini sized tattoos.
This one is an example.
At first glance you may think “that doesn’t look very small or detailed.”
Then at second glance you may be able to take in the size by looking at the skin of the person and realize I actually blew the image up here larger than it really is.

A pint sized pinup tattoo

Sex & Romance TMI Tuesday

28 Feb

This week’s TMI Tuesday is about sex and romance. Who doesn’t enjoy a little romance or the art of seduction before engaging in sex? Often times the prelude is better than the actual ‘event’.


1. You are sitting alone in a restaurant because your lunch date is late. Do you:
a) Throw something and then make out with the waiter.
b) Check to make sure he or she didn’t get into an accident, then wait patiently for two hours and use the time to compose a love song or poem.
c) Send a nasty text followed up by a voice mail telling him/her that “romance is dead and so are you!”
d) Wait for 20 minutes, and then text-message a pal to join you for lunch.

A, B & D all at once.
A is because I have schedules to keep. Don’t want to waste the little bit of pleasure time I have.
B is because I care. No 2 hours, but I would worry without texting and I just may right a poem as I waited.
D is because of that time and scheduling thing again. If I wanted company I am going to have it and obviously scenario D is a back up plan to A in case the waiter (waitress) in my case isn’t hot or to busy to be connived into taking a break.

2. What’s more important, a romantic relationship or your career?

Once long ago it was career.
What is funny about that is my relationships seemed easier and more stable when I selfishly played with money and fame than they are now that I pay attention to them.

3. You love to role play in the bedroom, which one of these is more likely to be your kink?
a. Doctor and the naughty nurse
b. You’re the gardener, I’m the hoe
c. Persnickety principal and the wayward pupil that needs a spanking
d. Me Tarzan, you Jane
e. Scattered-brain boss and the seductive secretary

I do role play and costume play pretty often.
Of the things listed above none appeal to me much though.
Variation of ‘A’ would be nurse and patient. I can kinda did that if the girl is extremely good at role play.
Variation of ‘D’ if done outside in a field or the woods would be Savage man captures wayward traveler. That could be good. I guess that isn’t even a variation, but the Tarzan costume could be used.

4. When you want sex, who tends to make the first move?
a. Me! I like to go for what I want.
b. It varies. Sometimes my partner/significant other/date or sometimes me.
c. Oh definitely the other person. Even if I want it, I’m not about to admit such a thing.
d. I drop subtle hints hoping he/she will pick up on it.

It used to be me back in my 20’s. It still is pretty often when it is withing my ongoing relationships, but outside of that it is never me.
I may flirt a tad, but I never ask for first dates, never go for the first grope or kiss, and never initiate sex for the first time.
I have not initiated first sex in over 15 years even once that I can think of except in swinging situations with new and nervous girls.
I need the girl to go for it to make me feel desired and excited.

5. When it comes to lovemaking, select the answer that best describes you/your attitudes
a. vanilla – meets society’s middle of the road standards
b. adventurous
c. kinky
d. trisexual – I will try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.  –Mae West

D – I’m down with Mae West.

6. You want to seduce that sexy someone, what is the sweet-nothing that you’ll whisper in his/her ear?

If I want to seduce her then there is obviously something wonderful about her that I could make known through a whisper. I don’t have any an come on lines or other standard things that I say.
It is all about flow.

Bonus: What’s your idea of a romantic getaway?

Private, natural setting, no electronics, wine, easy foods, maybe a few books if its a few days.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblogfrom your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!