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I recently deleted all of my old posts.
I will start updating this section again soon.

Enjoy the adventures and artistic musings of a washington state artist who enjoys the swinging lifestyle, sexy costumes, good books, and a nice cup of coffee.
Until then, just use my CATEGORIES to get around.
Sorry to those of you who enjoyed this page.
Sexy Swinging Swinging adventures and thoughts.~~~
~~~~Bardic Reflection Poems and the like.
My Peculiar Paintings If you didn't know I paint then you most likely just found my blog.~~~
~~~Salacious Introversion I have a VERY dirty mind.
Sexy Swinging Listed it twice cause it is a fun hobby.~~~~~~
~~~~~~Random Everything Doesn't fit with my daily musings.
The Internet Let me guide you on a surfing adventure.~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~Titillating Tattoos Yes, I do tattoos also.
My Sexy Costume Fetish Can't help myself... dress up for me baby.~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~Sex Toys on parade We get them, test them, tell about them.

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